The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
November 2013

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Crawdads '14

Man, check me out!!! I haven't blogged this much in one month for a very long time!  If ever!  Very proud of myself.

Just two quick days after we unpacked and cleaned up our Seattle trip, we repacked the car to go camping.  It was just for one night, but we had even less room in the car than we did for Seattle.  When you have to bring your house and beds with you, it eats up the space!

This was the first time our entire family went on the crawdad hunt and all stayed over night.  A couple of years ago I came with Bundle once, but we didn't camp, and Troy brought the big kids once and did camp.  So this was a monumental event.  What made it really fun is that we turned it from a quick jaunt for crawdads into an overnight playdate with our dear friends the Burnetts, with whom we capture Christmas Trees each year.  I guess hunting and gathering is just our thing.  They had never heard of going crawdad fishing and were eager to find out what it's all about.

That Friday evening at Strawberry Reservoir was extremely pleasant.  I forget how lovely the landscape is up there with the rolling hilly mountains, wildflowers sprouting everywhere and groves of aspen and pine here and there.  We were able to nab Troy's favorite camp spot and I got things set up while Troy took the kids down to the shore to set the traps.  Not long after that the Burnetts arrived and we spent the evening roasting hot dogs, trying our hand at fire-roasted corn on the cob (delicious!) and experimenting with a new invention Mary brought along called a "woofum."  It's basically a marshmallow roasted but instead of a poker on the end there's a thing that looks like a wooden corn.  You wrap biscuit dough around the thing, cook it over your coals, and when it's done you end up with this yummy toasty little bowl of bread that you fill with jam or preserves and top with whipped cream.  We were cackling with delight they were so delicious.

In the morning after a leisurely breakfast in the Burnett's trailer we headed to the lake to check on our catch.  It was not our best year - the traps didn't collect as many lake-bugs as we had hoped but we spent an hour with the kids wading in the water and plucking out more.  We ended up with maybe 40, enough to enjoy along side our jambalaya and cornbread, which the Preslars went home to make while the Burnetts (who graciously kept our daughters) stayed and played for a few hours at the lake and campground.

I was glad we got a chance to get home, unpack the car again, air out the bedding, air out ourselves, and clean up a bit before we had company.  Somehow the Burnett clan didn't seem to get as stinky and messy as I did.  The day was so piping hot but thanks to Troy's installation of our porch sprayers the porch was still very pleasant.   We had a wonderful evening of crawdads, crafts on the back porch and watching the kids play on the lawn.  The crawdads were delicious as always - thank you butter.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Northern Trek: Day Five (and Six too..)

Quick side note: I forgot to mention that on the day of the parade, this group from the local animal shelter came marching by. They were walking cute little doggies and tossing candy and a few people were carrying these HUGE stuffed dogs.  Well, one of them came over, plopped this ginormous dog on Bundle's lap and said, "There ya go, honey!"  My kids were screaming they were so excited.  And...I was screaming because I had no idea how we were going to fit Behemoth here into our car or into our house.  But it made for a very happy little girl.

Monday - What a fun day!!!!  The beaches around Bainbridge are great but pretty darn rocky and kinda stinky - lots of ...shall I say....signs of the life and death of the sea creatures there?  Digging up clams, finding washed up crab shells everywhere, that kind of stuff.  Which is great.  But on Monday Whitley led us to a beach to the north called Point No Point.  There's an old lighthouse there and some actual sand.  You can see Rainier off in the distance with a teeny-tiny Seattle nestled at its feet.  The sun was deliciously warm and the water was breathtakingly cold.  We ate some lunch on the way up, brought plenty of snacks and waters and spent about three hours sitting in the sand and watching the kids play.

This fort was already there but our four girls spent most of their time gathering seaweed and other treasures to decorate it.

This one was alive!

The two littles spent about a hour making an "ocean bathtub"


Can you see little itty bitty Seattle down there?

In the evening after we went home and got cleaned up, we met Adam at a harbor-side restaurant called Doc's.  We enjoyed a nice meal and the beautiful view.  After dinner, what else could we do to celebrate our last night on the island except walk to Mora's for more ice-cream?

I SO love this photo

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggty Jig:

I decided our last day on the road was not worthy of a whole entry by itself, but I love that we went from this:

To this: one little day.  We were such rock stars!  We were on the 4:40 ferry off of Bainbridge which was no mean feat.  Kids even went back to sleep (I may have too...) after we passed Snoqualmi Pass and woke up in the middle of Washington someplace.  You know, on google maps, the drive just doesn't look that bad - just one little squiggly blue line but gracious that is a long drive!  Our kids were wonderful.  If you look carefully behind Stomper you can catch a glimpse of Behemoth the super stuffy.  We shoved her in the car and even had room left over for a few kids. 

What a wonderful wonderful trip.  So glad we went, so hopeful to go again soon!  (Just maybe not in January.  Or with my mom.... ha ha?)