The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Thursday, December 28, 2006

My Beautiful Parents

I just had to throw this picture in - I love it. I took it of my folks on my front porch the day after Christmas. They actually like the photo - they said I should keep it to use on their coffins at their funerals. Nice.

Happy Epilogue

Here is CTP with his beloved and oft-requested "Mega T-Rex," specifically the green one. I don't know how many countless people he told he wanted one of these. And here he is, rapturously dreaming with it by his side. Good job, Santa.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Big Day!

We made it. Christmas actually came. It really was such a fun morning. I think that Troy and I are in the best days, the salad days, I would say, of Christmas - CTP is sold hook line and sinker on Santa. He doesn't even get that excited about him, like he's no big deal, just a normal part of life. He's the man who delivers dinosaurs.

We were all so exhausted from the night before - RAP pulled another near all-nighter due to having the lengthy nap and then snoozing on the way home from my parents' house. So we all slept in quite late. We haven't hit the years yet of the kids being so excited that they wake up at three or something, thank heavens. Troy and I actually woke up CTP a little before nine. He put on this funny bathrobe (more like a smoking jacket if you ask me) that was a hand me down from some dear neighbors. When they gave it to him they said that if he wore it on Christmas Morning he would get extra presents. (Thanks a lot!) Indeed, he decided he had to wear it. He looks pretty cute. Of course, the minute all the gifts were open he took it off, it's purpose having been served, I suppose.

Again, I was so proud of CTP. He was totally able to cope with the fact that not all the gifts were for him. He didn't try to open RAP's presents for her. He was delighted with the gifts he got, mainly a "Green Mega-T-Rex," for which he's been pining. Of course, even as I carefully laid out the gifts the night before, knowing how happy CTP would be, I knew also that within 24 hours he would be asking when Christmas was coming again. Indeed, it was only that afternoon he assured me that it was yet again Christmas Eve and he would be gettting all new presents the next day. I guess this is only normal for a four year old. On only one day a year are most stops pulled - why wouldn't he want it to happen again? As for mommy, I'm good with just the one day.

Christmas Eve Will Find You....

Christmas Eve on a Sunday...perfect in my opinion. It added the perfect center to the holiday. I can't believe we snapped this photo - our church is at 9:00, and this was at 9:05. Of course we were late with the snow and the fancy clothes and packing the church bag (with enough supplies, it would seem, to get us safely to the moon, but still isn't enough to get us through three hours of church...) I just had to get the shot, though, especially of RAP. This is a dress that my mom bought us last Christmas. We didn't have a dress for infant RAP last year, and my mom wanted to help us get one. We could not find a nice dress for a four month old, however, and did find this one, so RAP somehow survived a Christmas without a fancy dress last year, and we have this one to enjoy. Thanks, mom! I would have taken a picture of her in the afternoon, but she manages to get it dirty in about 10 minutes every time she wears it. Thus, I threw it on her, snapped a photo, and we were off to church.

RAP took a three hour nap in the afternoon, which was good because I had plenty of time to work on our feast. It was not good because she was up forever that night....but such is life. We had dinner with the Romney family. This is one of my favorite traditions. The Preslars never meet for Christmas Eve, so we always enjoy the evening with my family. Ever since the year 2000, when my parents went to pick up Peter from his mission in Mexico City and returned on Christmas Eve, we have had a traditional Mexican Feast. With my brother-in-law Van also having returned from a mission in Mexico and being an excellent cook, we have enjoyed the good stuff. Posole, roasted vegetables, ceviche, real refried beans...the works. We do it every year, and I love it. This year I made a sweet garlic shrimp and mushroom quesadillas. YUM!

I was proud of the kids - Christmas, and especially the eve of, can be so hard. So exciting that they want to burst. CTP held it together very well. I just have to say how much I adore my family - my dear hubby and sweet kids, and my parents and siblings. I'm so blessed.

Friday, December 22, 2006


We went to visit the beautiful Temple Square to see the lights last night. This is one of my favorite traditions and I look forward to it every year. Last night, however, I probably should have let the dream go. It was a lovely night but oh so cold. It was probably around 20 - 25 degrees out. Troy and I bundled up the kids and hopped on Trax. CTP did fine but RAP just doesn't have a huge enough snow suit. Her little Sunday coat just didn't do the trick and within 10 minutes she was one angry little babe. She loves running around and did some of that, but her hands and feet got cold and she didn't understand why she was so uncomfortable. So she just kept on running, or fighting me to get down and run, but cried profusely the whole time. We stayed about 20 minutes and then headed for the train. We were that fun family you love sitting by in public places with a screaming baby, snot flying everywhere....but the lights were lovely!

Snow Dog

Our beautiful pooch Alex still acts like a puppy everytime it snows. He's 10 and a half - can't believe that! I met him when he was a 10 week old puppy - Troy brought him to a ward party. That was the first night I met either of them, and that's when the love affair began - with both Troy and Alex! Talk about a love triangle....

Santa's Little Helper

What a beautiful morning - we have some good snow fall in SLC this morning - not more than a couple of inches but I love it when the smog gets cleared out and the ugly salty roads are covered in snow...well, slush now. Anyway, it's a lovely snowy Christmassy morning. Yesterday CTPs preschool put on a little Christmas program for the parents. They sang three or four songs and did some little action-poems. I videoed the whole thing, but I can't put it on youtube because the file was too big. I'll figure it out, hopefully. CTP was great - he's come so far this year learning how to focus and follow directions. Of course, he did lead the "I refuse to wear this stupid hat any longer" rebellion.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Midnight Lament

I've been really wanting to get to my blog for a long time, and just haven't been able to, due to the hustle and bustle of the jolly holidays. I'm working hard to be jolly, here. Sometimes I feel the Christmas spirit and sometimes I am a bit of a humbug....perhaps I will elaborate more on that topic later. I've been planning to, and would still like to blog about my children - I've been enjoying them so much lately and have made a couple of little videos to post on youtube and everything but I'm so slow at actually sitting down and writing. I meant to last night. However, my children had other plans. That is, my daughter had other plans. I was invited last night to a production of It's a Wonderful Life - it turned out to be all dance with some narration, and it was a little cheesy. But it was fun to be out with my friend Marianne. Troy was putting the kids to bed - no mean feat at our house. So at intermission I called him to see if all was well. Silly me. Of course both the kids were in bed, sound asleep. My phone call, however, woke RAP. When I got home at ten, there she was, weepily sitting in Troy's lap waiting for me. I tried feeding her, which usually does the trick. Except for last night. I let her play for a few minutes and then we went for a drive....let's make this long and unpleasant story short. After every trick I knew from letting her cry to rocking to driving to singing to feeding to telling her to go to sleep in a loud firm voice (not officially yelling) to doing some crying myself, she did not go to sleep until 4:00 in the morning. Oh. It was such an awful night. She wasn't sick or unhappy - just AWAKE. It was actually Troy who got her to sleep after mommy huffed off to sleep on the couch - he held her down in our bed until she got really mad and then she just slept. One of those memorable nights that I will never forget.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Discovery Gateway

This Saturday we decided to check out the new Children's Museum. It has been moved to the Gateway, which isn't my favorite place ever, but it makes a great spot for the museum. I was very impressed - we were thrilled with all of the improvements and wonderful exhibits. Both of my kids were in heaven for many hours. We especially loved the water play, the tubes and balls, and the construction area. We could have been there several hours more, were it not for nap time.