The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Thursday, November 29, 2012

OK, Fine, I Confess.

I didn't think I was even going to blog about this. I was going to keep it a quiet little secret, but since there are details I want to remember I am going to have to go ahead and cop to having gone to see the new Twilight Flick...on opening night.  And guess what.  It was super fun.  I got to go out to dinner with The Becky and The Misty and I got to sit in a big theater munching on a white chocolate cinnamon caramel apple which I snuck into the theater and I got to watch the exciting conclusion to the series which awakened and kept thriving my dear little seventeen-year-old inner self.  And it was really really fun.  Except for this one little part where a lady brought her too-big-baby to the theater who wouldn't stop fussing and some people across the theater started shouting at her to take her baby out.  Awkward.....

But the real reason I am forcing myself to write is because a lady walking up the isle past us had the greatest Twilight T-shirt ever.  (Yes, she covered her face when we asked if we could take her picture...don't know why she felt she had to do that....) 


Best. T-Shirt. Ever.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Wanna See a Funny Picture I Found On My Phone?

This was probably a year ago.  As far as I can remember, Bundle kept doing this lovely little gesture through most of our shopping trip.  I think the fingernail on her fourth finger was bothering her quite a bit so she kept playing with it, and she just had to get that third finger out of the way.  It doesn't help that her eyes in the picture make her look possessed or something.  Anyway, it makes me laugh every time I pass by it so I thought I'd share.

And a happy day to you as well.

What a Difference a Week Makes

Troy has spent the morning outside clicking away with his camera, taking pictures of our kids rollicking away in the fresh-fallen snow.  FM 100 is already playing Christmas Carols with fervor. (Not that I listen to FM100.  Usually.  Ahem.....moving on!)  I am sitting at the table hanging out waiting for my kids to come tromping snow all over the kitchen while crying because their fingers are so cold, but for the moment they are having an absolute ball playing in the snow.  We have about five or six inches out there, which I swear is more than we ever got at one time all last winter.

We just started flipping through pictures on the camera and were shocked to see what we were doing last Saturday.

Here, take a look.  Last Saturday:

This Saturday:

Now, I am not condoning the use of Christmas Carols before Thanksgiving, but I will tell you there is some holiday excitement fluttering around here.  I'm sure by next week when it is warm and dry again and we can rake up all the leaves which are currently dampening under the snow we'll be feeling more fall-ish again.  I would just like to let Mother Nature know that if she wants me to feel lots of holiday spirit this year all she needs to do is bring on the snow. Because I am tempted to get out the Christmas decorations today.  I'm not going to do it, but I am thinking about it.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Just Wondering...

So....let's just say, hypothetically, that someone you know has vowed to not eat a single piece of Halloween Candy this year because she has this horrible habit of eating just one teeny tiny piece which of course is just a gateway treat leading to her children's hard-won candy disappearing by the handful on an hourly basis.
This unnamed person is staying strong and truly hasn't opened even one wrapper for herself, has barely even had a sniff of Reeses or Almond Joy.... and then yesterday morning, as she is cleaning out under a desk, where every mobile bit of trash seems to congregate, she finds a single candy coated chocolate egg, a leftover runaway treat from Easter.

I ask you. Would you condemn her for a) eating something that may once have been delicious but was now a nasty bit of refuse and b) would that be a violation of her vow to eat not a bit of Halloween candy?  I mean, it was EASTER chocolate, not Halloween.


Just so you know, I didn't actually eat it.  But I DID think about it.