The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

You Go, Indie-Go-Girls!

There's nothing like it. Sitting on a grassy hill on a breezy summer evening, listening to live music and watching interesting people walk the pathway in front of you. The sun casts a rosy glow on the beautiful hills above as the sun sets. You're eating great food (caprese sandwiches from Cuchina's, a favorite little deli in the avenues) and sitting with girlfriends in the summer air. I've been excited for weeks to go see the Indigo Girls with my good friend Misty (in red) and her two sisters Erin (white) and Kelly (stripes). Red Butte Garden is the perfect spot for a concert - it's just so beautiful and you can see well from wherever you are. The only thing missing was my friend Karen, a.k.a. KB, who is a fellow fan. I have great memories of road trips with her during which we put on the Indigo Girls marathon and sang along at the tops of our lungs.

This is basically what we did last night, for as many songs as we could. I have to admit I haven't kept up on the Girls' latest releases, so there were many songs to which I did not know the words. But there were lots of fun dancing songs anyway, as evidenced by my favorite character of the evening, whom I shall dub "Skirt Man" or possibly "Dances With A Skirt." What I learned about Skirt Man, thanks to several flips of his short little kilt as he repeatedly pranced by, was that he did indeed have undies on. They were tight and black, but they were there, and that was the important part.

Here are a couple clips of my favorite songs of the evening - sorry, you'll probably hear Misty and me "singing" along (more like laughing and yelling along, I think). Of course, Closer I Am to Fine (sorry, this one is sideways,) and a bit of the last song of the night, Galileo. I have to say, I did wonder if the Indigo Girls' hairstyles would change a little since they got started 20 years ago. The answer was no. However, nothing can take away from those great tunes and a fabulous evening. Thanks Y'all!

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Kath said...

How fun! I agree, can't they find better hairstyles, I mean, seriously, I think I hear the 80's calling and they want their hair back!!! But, like you said, you can't beat those great songs!