The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Sometimes fall goes by so quickly I get whiplash. Of course, I am hoping that it's not actually over, despite the fact that I am sitting at the computer watching the back yard fill up with snow. We've got a pretty good snow storm on our hands over here. Of course, we are in Utah, which means that it will probably be back to 70's next week, right? RIGHT? I can't deny that the snow looks lovely all piled up on the leaves, especially our ginkgo, who's leaves are so bright yellow they look like they're glowing.

Here are some great Halloween photos of the kids:

This is on my inlaws' street, with the cute kids of Troy's older brother Sam. I thought their costumes were just great. Now that we're having a blizzard that warm wonderful Halloween evening feels like it was a really long time ago.


Burts said...

Cute costumes!

Do the neighbors actually use that tractor or is it decoration?

ghd3 said...

great pictures! I've heard about the snow --- very jealous.

Nicole said...

Love the costumes It looks like they had so much fun!

Sparverius said...

And the warm weather is back again. :)

Leonard and Kathryn said...

Dearest Rachel,

I am such a crummy grandma! I have just finished reading your blog with all the funny stories and great pictures. I remember so many of these incidents and am so happy that they are being recounted and saved. You are the best!

we have gotten caught up in the swirl of our "assignment" to the point that we don't pay attention to the REALLY important things. I am thinking about how much I will miss you when we are in Belgium. I can hardly stand to have a day when I don't see you or talk to you on the phone.

You have made dad and me so happy and proud.

Mom Dec. 13, 2009