The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Trip to the Cretaceous Period

I think it may have been almost two years ago that I was watching The Today Show when a story came on about a traveling show called Walking With Dinosaurs, based on the BBC television series. By the way, if you have a dino lover in your life, that series is certainly worth checking out. Anyway, this show looked totally incredible. Life sized dinosaur puppet-things; some with people inside and some mounted on little cars. I began that day to hope that they'd make a trip to Salt Lake. Truth be told, as much as I did hope they'd come I also knew it would be best if they could postpone it a couple of years. I could imagine Stomper, who was maybe four at the time, kind of freaking out and going fetal in a dark, loud room filled with large roaring dinosaurs. He couldn't even handle going to a movie at that age. Well, my wish was granted perfectly. The show did indeed schedule a visit to Salt Lake, and at a much later date than when I first read about it. Perfect timing. Stomper is just on the brink of growing out of his passion for the prehistoric, but he's still there. Despite his newer love of all muscley men (I mean superheros) I catch him reverting back to dino play all the time. We decided, instead of shelling out the bucks for the whole family to go to just have one parent go with him, and he picked his daddy. I love that. Troy is just a great dad and I love that my kids seek out time with him as he seeks out time with them. So I don't have an official report for you, but according to both Stomper and Troy it was pretty awesome. You can find all sorts of videos from the show on YouTube. You'll have to forgive our pictures a little - it's not easy to take pictures inside a dark arena. But I'm really glad the boys got a chance to go. For the record, Stomper did walk into the dark arena and instantly plug his ears, but luckily a very kind usher had earplugs on hand which helped out a lot. I really hope it's something that Stomper will always remember. If not, I want a refund.


steph said...

That looks pretty cool. I'm also always happy when there is Daddy-kid time and both seem to love it.

Kath said...

I'm so glad they got to go. Every time I saw the commercial for it, I thought of Stomper!