The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Not Quite The Weepies...but still sharing

Every once in a while I come across a band or a song that seems to cast a spell over me and my very impressionable brain. I'm hooked, I succumb and I can't stop listening. My brainwaves change from frenzied hysterics to ahhhhhhh......and I'm addicted forever.  I can hardly seem to create a playlist without including it, whether it's a falling asleep medley, collection of brisk walking tunes or a clean-the-house rock out.

For example, The Weepies.  I think pretty much every person I know has been told to LISTEN TO THE WEEPIES RIGHT NOW and most have ended up with some Weepies tunes on their playlists here and there.  (Though not all. Becky.) The Weepies are still my faves and I don't see that changing.  But I've come across another band.  I confess, not every single song they sing is going into my itunes - they have a lot of stuff I don't really care for. But the stuff I love I love a lot.  And I wanted to share.  So here you go. I give you.....The Bombay Bicycle Club. My brainwaves thank them.

Sometimes aren't you surprised when you find out what members of a band look like?  I can't even describe what I thought these guys looked like when I first heard a song.  But I was not expecting four British guys who look like they are might graduate high school one of these days.  And I have to say, that second video is kinda....meh. Lame.  I just love the song. So despite everything, Them Bicycle Bombay Clubbers have a new fan.

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