The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Sunday, February 17, 2013

How to disarm a Nuclear Mother

I am going to try to capture this with words but I’m not
sure that I’ll be able to.

Picture this.  I’m in
the kitchen doing dishes while Bundle is playing in the living room with a
friend.  I have given them a bowl of
popcorn as per their request and I am listening to them munching happily away
on it.  I poke my head into the living
room for a quick peek, and see that the munching sounds are not coming from
where I thought they were.  Instead,
Bundle is systematically removing the popcorn from the bowl one kernel at a
time, placing it on the carpet, and soundly squashing it with her water bottle.  I yelp, call out her name and demand she stop
instantly.  I go to fetch the vacuum
cleaner and when I return I find that she has indeed stopped with the popcorn.  Instead she has up-ended her water bottle
which is actually full of milk.  She is
dousing each squashed kernel very carefully, one by one.  I fall to my knees, hollering at her to
stop.  She looks startled for exactly one
second before she puts her hands on her hips and bends towards my furious
face.  She smiles, points her finger at me,
and says with a deliberate cadence, sweetly tapping my nose with each beat, “Well, I won' it...a-gain.”

How was I supposed to keep a straight face?  There was no way.  Too funny. 
She knows how to get out of a pinch, I’ll tell ya. And I still really didn't capture it at all, but I tried.


Lainey said...

Oh how I love to read your very real blog! Those three year olds! Bundle is adorable.

elyse said...

Rick and I agree that you are a good writer and that you did a fine job of reporting it on your blog. Maybe that's because we got to hear the story in real life, but we totally understood. :)Good job at documenting it for Bundle's posterity.