The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Friday, January 17, 2014

Just a Bit BEHIND...

Oh HI! Yes, I remember this blog.  Let's see, I guess a few things have happened in the PAST MONTH (give or take a couple of weeks...) since I have blogged....things like oh ya'know CHRISTMAS.

How on earth am I ever going to catch up on everything?

Let's face it, there is no way.  So I think I'm just going to do some brief highlights, like this:

December Highlight #1:

The Bear Lake Tree-Hunting Trip

We almost didn't make it on our annual trip this year - what with Thanksgiving being quite late, and the Ward Christmas Party happening, December filled up SO FAST and we were SO BUSY and SO TIRED....(you may be hearing that from me a lot over the next few posts).  We didn't really have a weekend that was completely free.  But we decided to just squash the trip in there and though it made things even more hectic, I wouldn't have missed it.  I love the Burnetts, I love that cabin, I love hunting for trees, I love the whole trip.

So.  Friday night was the ward Christmas party.  Saturday morning was a ward primary party, of which I was partially in charge.  (Seriously, months ago when we were planning the calendar it didn't seem that crazy but I was a loon to have thought so.)  Troy was out of town, and so after the ward party, I packed up the car so that we could leave for Bear Lake straight from the primary party in the morning.  It was a snowy weekend, which made things very Christmassy, but slightly alarming on the drive up.

Pretty much as soon as we got to the cabin we headed out with the Burnetts to go find a tree - Troy's plane was landing that afternoon and he'd be driving up by the evening time.  (He was in our van so the drive was MUCH scarier for him!)   I was anxious to pick out our tree all by myself but I think I did a good job - our tree was tall and lovely.  Yay me.

We had to leave the next day, but as always it was just such an enjoyable weekend and I hope we do this every year till I'm dead.

LOOKIE LOOKIE I actually posted!  If it seems a little rushed, that's because it was.  The family is at this very moment getting into the car to drive to St. George for a weekend with our family and blessing a new baby, adding another items on my list of things that need posting.  I will get there. I'm just so happy I actually posted SOMETHING.

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Cullen said...

Great photos! I really love the one of you and the kids in the snow. Fun and colorful.