The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


One of my favorite gift ideas for the kids this year was an outing for each of them with either Troy or me. The kids seemed happy but not head-over-heels thrilled when they opened their envelopes announcing their individual activities - I don’t know what it was I was hoping for - screaming? Jumping up and down? Smothering me with kisses and weeping? Something like that, I guess. They were definitely happy and said as much with a, “that’s great, thanks!” kind of thing. The shiny packages still under the tree waiting to be unwrapped were definitely more enticing than the thought of a future outing. But I’ll tell you what, when the outings actually happened, they paid off. They were really really fun.

After our return from our trip to Seattle, Stomper cashed his in almost immediately. We got back early early in the morning on January 2nd, and we slept in late. We had a lazy day of tidying up and hanging out at home. About two in the afternoon he let us know that he needed to use his coupon right away and that was fine with me. (Side note: I think he is more upset by the condition of his grandmother than his sisters are and I could tell he needed some one-on-one time with a parent for some emotional cuddling. Sweet kid.) His outing was to go out to eat at a restaurant and get crab legs, his absolute favorite food on earth. He picked his father to go, which made me happy although it’s funny that I’m the one who loves sea food, not Troy. No problem, though, daddy-son time is vital. They went out and just enjoyed all the crab they could eat and all the together time they wanted. I’m so glad they went.

Then on the Saturday before school started back up I took Bitty for her outing - not an expensive one but one that she had been begging for since the first snowflake fell…whenever that was. It was so long ago and today was so warm and sunny it was practically spring so I don’t remember. Anyway. I took her iceskating. I was nervous to do this - I am not a, uh…particularly strong skater myself, and the thought of being very wobbly while helping a kid up after falling over and over and over didn’t sound very fun. But guess what. Bitty was awesome. She didn’t fall a single time. She absolutely loved it and I loved taking her and I can’t wait to do it again. I guess I’d better hurry - it’s almost March!

And now, a terrible confession. Bundle’s gift was an outing to the children’s museum. And guess who hasn’t taken her yet.

Bad mommy. Bad girl.

I will take her, I swear! Just as soon as I’m caught up on this blog. And I’m getting closer. Hey…I’m already all the way through the first week of January and it’s not even March yet!!

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