The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Thursday, June 19, 2014

End of the Year

I'm realizing how many things I meant to mention in one post or another that, when put all together, pretty much sum up the last month of school.  We did lots.  And lots.  This will really be more of a photo essay, but that's fine with me.

Let's see - let's start with Bundle.  She graduated from preschool.  I'm sure Jim Gaffigan would have something snide and hilarious to say about attending your kid's 2nd graduation by the time your child turns five.  But it was kinda sweet - Bundle is done with preschool!  I can't believe it.  And I'm seriously celebrating the last time I ever have to drive her to preschool.  I am so excited to just walk all three kids over to our school next year.  It's going to be wonderful.  Thank you West High, we had a great preschool experience.  Miss Donna, you have been adorable.

Shortly after Bundle's exciting commencement ceremony came one of the biggest nights of my PTA Volunteer coordinator year.  That would be our annual Art Showcase, in which the kids get to bring their families to view student art from the whole year along with special project and auction items and a community art gallery.  It's a very big night.  It was pretty bitter sweet for me because the head organizing honcho of the showcase (who had been running the show for seven years) was also the PTA president, and this was her swan song.  Man, that woman had me at hello.  I loved working with her and am still feeling very sad to see her go.  It's reminding me of my sophomore year of high school when all of my favorite favorite friends were seniors.  They all graduated and I felt so left behind.  Lots of great people are done at our elementary this year.  But then I look at all the great people who have joined the crew since I got involved and I feel better.  So many neat women.  Here are the kids showing off some of their art:

And here's me at my seat of honor - in the conference room herding the volunteers to their spots all over the school.  That is a very familiar spot to me at this point.  And with Bundle just starting her seven year journey there I guess it will just become more familiar still.

Oh yeah and one little awkward note....our school always does a drawing for these giant gift baskets at the art showcase.  Hundreds and hundreds of people enter.  The chances of winning are so slim I never considered asking my kids to not enter due to what folks might think if a PTA officer's kid won.  I felt a little weird when Stomper's name was called out and even got teased by one dad who made me feel pretty bad but then I asked myself if it's fair to my kids to not let them enter - they did all the things every other kids does to enter a ticket so why not?  We are loving this giant basket of art stuff.  Please don't tell me if I made the wrong choice because it's too late now. Also, I urge all of you with multiple children entering a drawing such as this to tell the kids that no matter who actually wins, the gift basket belongs to all the children.  It will save some tears and fighting if you prepare them before hand.

Here I am at a party to say goodbye to Sherri (that's not her - she's another sweet friend, Janet) - we all had to wear tiaras for the evening.  I felt foolish.  

Another spring time event at our house:  Troy grew a beard to celebrate his release from our ward's bishopric. His previous beard-growing record was four weeks.  He made it to about 4.5 weeks (and looked very handsome if you ask me) before the beard made him so nuts he couldn't take it another moment longer and shaved.  But it was a fun month of very stubbly kisses for us all.

The day before school got out Bitty finally got a chance to be in her class play - her teacher had been to India the previous summer so they did a retelling of an Indian folk tale, and she was ecstatic to wear some Indian bling.  She was so cute.  I love watching her on stage.

And finally the last day of school arrived.  Another very bittersweet day - not only is our PTA president moving on, but so is our beloved principal, Mrs. Miller.  I am so sad to see her go and have some butterflies about meeting our new principal, that's for sure!  Mrs. Miller could ask me to do pretty much anything for her and I would do it.  I have loved and admired her deeply.  Sniff.

The last morning of sending them out the door

Miss Carruth

Started the year as Miss Wiscomb and around Halloween went on a blind she's Mrs. Erickson!

And finally, later that evening, after I had thrown only one tiny little party for this birthday gal, came the Family Fun Fest carnival, where I could be seen slumped over at a shaded table, sipping diet coke, checking in volunteers and watching the roaming crowds.  Long day, nice cool evening, and never have I been so happy to go to bed.

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