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The Preslar Family
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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Lagoon Day with My Brownie

Yes, it is 11:30 at night and I'm typing like the dickens trying to get this post written before midnight - I haven't had this many posts in one month since I was young and energetic.  That was a while ago.  Hopefully I can make it!

Bitty and I had a Lagoon day together.  For anyone who doesn't know what Lagoon is - it's the local amusement park - it's super fun unless you've been to Disneyland recently where everything is so pretty and shiny.  After that Lagoon seems kinda murky and gross.  But it can be a ton of fun especially when it's just you and one of your children, especially if it's the one of your children who gets probably the least alone time with you and needs it the most and who just blossoms under the shower of your singular attention.

Bitty worked hard selling gobs of Girl Scout Cookies this past winter.  Last year she used her cookie credits to buy herself some time at girls camp.  We were planning on doing the same thing this year until we found out that the girls in her age group are only allowed to go to the camps that are 5 nights long and four times as expensive.  Nope and nope.  We hunted around for ways for her to spend her cookie credits and discovered that there was a Girl Scout Lagoon Day with discount tickets and prizes for girl scouts and stuff like that.  We were pretty excited!  Of course, this fabulous adventure was planned for the day after Troy got home from his latest trip to South Carolina, the one where he got delayed overnight again - so many thanks to friends for taking Stomper and Bundle while Troy slept and composed himself.

Bitty and I had a ball.  We took full advantage of this one and only Lagoon Day of the summer - we got there just after it opened (10 a.m.)  and left just before it closed (11 p.m.)  I am still tired, just in case you were wondering.  It was a long full day.  You know what the funny part was?  Bitty doesn't really like rides that much.  There are a ton of rides there! We discovered very early on in the day that any ride that spins or twirls, moves quickly or has any element of thrill is not the ride for Bitty.  This means that we rode the sky ride about 8 times.  And you know what?  That was totally okay.  It was really fun to just let the day be hers.  We enjoyed the bumper cars, the train, the musical performances, some extremely large corn dogs, touring the creepy creepy Pioneer Village museum area (let it be known that I will NEVER visit that place in the dark) and many of the kiddie rides.  Too bad it wasn't until about 8pm that we discovered that the little rides were a good fit for her.  We did go swimming for a few hours at Lagoon-a-Beach where I was amazed at how much Bitty loved the very twisty speedy hydro-tubes.  We also discovered that she enjoyed the water-rides (where you wear your clothing but get very very wet anyway) like Rattlesnake Rapids and the log flume.  It was slightly unfortunate that this discovery came as the sun was setting so we missed the chance to have our very wet clothing dry in the heat of the day.  I LOVE soggy jeans for three hours.

Best part of the day?  We decided to speak to one another in British accents starting at 7 p.m. and we didn't quit until I tucked her into bed.  (She is really really good at it, I'm mediocre at best.)

I loved giving that day to her, I really really did.

Whew - 11:50 - I made it!

Love you Bitty.


Linda R said...

That looks like fun. It made me miss the old Elitches in Denver, the new one just is just not the same. Funny, I speak with a British accent once in a while too!

Cullen said...

I'm late reading this . . . but way to go for giving Bitty such a great day! I love reading up on what y'all are up to.