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The Preslar Family
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Thursday, January 08, 2015

A Bad Case of the Lego Knee

I forgot to mention one really fun and wonderful part of Christmas. All December we had this really unseasonably warm weather. We had a bunch of rain the week before Christmas, which I think mentioned was a big bummer at our house because we knew how much snow we would be getting if it was just a little colder outside. I had completely prepared myself for a no-snow Christmas. Then the weather folks started predicting a storm on Christmas. Storms get predicted and then end up not happening after all on a regular basis, so I didn't hold my breath, even as Christmas got closer and the storm remianed on the forecast. And miraculously the snow came. My children were beyond delighted when they woke in the morning to find that we had a white Christmas after all. I sure would have loved the snow to come earlier but at least it came at all.

So the kids all got some Legos for Christmas. Bitty got one BIG box - her first fairly complicated set. We had a lot of Legos to do. And it was such a quiet mellow day - I usually try to plan an outing like a movie or something to break up the day but we just didn't feel like it. We stayed in our jammies for hours upon hours and built Legos. Skippidy even got in on the action with a little help from her big brother and me. And speaking of me....I went a little Lego crazy. That's a thing, as it turns out. It happens when a family has been collecting Legos for years and have a rather wide variety of sets. The mom who develops Lego craze is usually a little OCD to begin with and already struggles with the fact that the sets aren't kept intact and displayed with all the proper matching pieces. Then one day she finds out that many of the sets the family has collected are no longer being produced and are valued rather highly on ebay (such as Harry Potter items) she gives into her organizational urges and that is when Lego Craze begins.

Bitty started first with her new barn and we were all pretty amazed that she didn't lose heart, interest or determination as she built and built and built. For HOURS. Cap and Skippidy got their things built in an hour or two and were off and playing with them while Bitty continued on and on. I tidied the house and made some dinner to enjoy with Troy's parents and still she built. I didn't think a Lego set could take this long but that was partly because she dumped out all the bags of at once and finding pieces took a lot longer than it could have. Troy's parents arrived and we had a really pleasant evening - Christmas dinner was a quiet affair with the fresh snow falling outside and just two guests coming to eat ham and potatoes and asparagus. Yummy dinner, lovely day.

A comment at this point: something very strange happened this year. Is still happening, actually. I adore Christmas along with all of its festive trappings until about noon on Christmas day, whereupon I do a swan dive into seasonal depression. I dread it so much that sometimes it casts a gloomy shadow over Christmas which is too bad since it is totally my favorite holiday and time of year. So all December long I had in the back of my mind the incessant reminder of "it's coming it's coming it's coming." Then Christmas morning came and went so happily and peacefully, then lunchtime...I closed my eyes and braced myself and....nothing happened. I felt pretty great all day. What? I even kind of searched for it. Am I depressed yet? Nope? How about now? No? Okay... And it just continued on. Christmas seemed to last for another week. With no depression. Even now with dark January and the yucky valley inversion I'm feeling really pretty great. How or why this happened I do not know, but I sure am grateful.

Anyway, back to the Legos. We finally put Bitty to bed after she put in probably a solid 8 hours on that barn. In the morning she popped right up and got back to work. And this is when my Lego Craze began. We started Fellowship of the Ring, seeing as how one of our favorite traditions is to re-watch the trilogy every year. I decided to rebuild some of Cap's old Harry Potter Legos and found that I was having excessive trouble finding the pieces I needed so....I sorted every single Lego I could find. Into tiny little piles. By color as well as some groups by size. Mommy went a little cray-cray. And I LOVED it. I got the Harry Potter castle rebuilt along with Hagrid's hut - the two Potter sets I've been wanting to rebuild forever. Cap got in on the action and put together some of his old favorites like a Ninjago dragon and an Atlantis scorpion. We Legoed (a new verb) all the day long, and I wish we had taken more pictures of the living room floor which was pretty much a solid layer of Legos.

Bitty finished her barn in absolute triumph - she did it all herself and was so proud, as was I. She and Skippidy had a great time playing with it as I continued in my zombie-like state of putting little plastic bricks together. The funny part was that I kind of hurt myself doing it. I sat on the floor for so many hours. All of Fellowship of the Ring and Guardians of the Galaxy and part of The Two Towers. My knees were killing me. We decided to dub this new injury a case of the Lego Knee. I was hobbling around for days afterward, but I got those Lego sets put together right!!

We let all the sets adorn the living room for a few days until it was time to prep for the arrival of Peter and Sheri and their small children including the wrecking ball otherwise known as a walking one-year-old. Time to hide the Legos. We put everything on cookie sheets in the attic for a few days until we could bring them down. We kind of rearranged Cap's room so make space for the reconstructed sets and it took me quite a bit of work to get shelves cleared and things put away to make room. We placed the Legos on the empty shelves and Cap proudly snapped a photo on Instagram where he declared he finally had gotten his Lego work done. I was a little miffed that I got left out of the credits on that one but oh well. He's 12. I'll let it slide.

So basically we have too many Legos. Plus a Lego Craze-infected mother of the house who still kind of wants to go back to the displays and make sure that all the matching figures are with the sets they came with. Good grief I'm worse than Lord Business himself. Keep the kragle away from me!! (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go and see The Lego Movie.)

Thank you Legos for a great and very happy Christmas. You're awesome. My kids love you, and I guess so do I.

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