The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring BREAK - The Beginning

I am finding that the older my kids get the more I look forward to breaks from school.  The breaks used to be the scariest because I felt like there were these endless empty days with little little kids wanting me to entertain them and feed them and get stuff for them constantly.  Actually....that's still kind of how things are.  It's just that the kids aren't quite so little and we're all exhausted from have very busy schedules with lots of homework time and cello practicing.  We really need the breaks.  Plus I'm starting to see that kids grow up rather quickly after all and I enjoy the time I get with them.

Despite the fact that we had no big plans for one of those classic Spring Break awesome vacations, we had a really fun week together.  Day 1 may have been the best, actually.  On Monday, I took the kids to the new aquarium for the first time.  It turned out that some of our old passes were still good for some weird reason, and so we only had to pay for Skippidy to get in.  Seeing as how it would have cost us almost $60 to get in, I felt that this was a pretty good deal and made me feel that we could even handle paying $5 for a photo booth session on top of the $12.95 admission price.  We piled in the car in the morning, turned on music we all love to sing to (this would include selections ranging from Katy Perry's Roar to Hugh Jackman's OHHHHklahoma!) and all of us, even the 12 year old boy, sang along at the top of our lungs.  We thoroughly enjoyed the aquarium.

By the time we were hungry for lunch I thought hey...we're so far south we can go to IKEA for lunch!  Cheap Meatballs! I thought we could get an inexpensive little lunch together but guess what.  My kids have never eaten at a cafeteria-style place before.  They were pretty excited to each get their own tray and make selections along the way which actually began to pile up.  Couldn't resist a dessert, which I noticed were placed at the START of the line.  Cap got a salmon salad...and mashed potatoes...and a roll...and ate half my meatballs.  Skippidy also got salmon and Bitty got ribs with all the sides.  Holy cow.  Not only was our lunch about double what I was thinking, but we had so much food that the cashier's eyes about popped out of her head.  Never fear, we Preslars could handle it.  We ate just about everything.  Impressive AND alarming.

After IKEA we were so far south I though...hey, Swig is just in Lehi, let's go to Swig!  (If you don't know what this is, you are missing out.  It's like a drink-buffet.  I recommend the Dirty Diet Coke which is Diet Coke with Coconut Syrup, and I also recently tried the Raspberry Dream which is Diet Dr. Pepper with Raspberry Syrup and Coconut Cream.  Oh MAMA it is tasty.)  I know, we had already been to IKEA's spring break!  Why not.  The kids were pretty darn pooped and on the way home instead of singing our hearts out everybody took a nap.

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My Rachel went on a class trip with the band to Disneyland while Allison just enjoyed being home.