The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Spinny Toys. Why Did It Have to be Spinny Toys?

As we were having our fun and adventures over spring break something exciting was going on just around the corner.  Our school playground had a little construction going on - we had some pretty old monkey bars that needed to be replaced and so the principal and kids' council picked out some new climbing sets.  As spring break went along we made sure to walk around the block and check up on the progress every few days.  Finally by about Saturday everything seemed all put back together and safe to explore.  The new equipment sat ready for kids to come climbing all over it.  Our family had a little outing one evening to give it the once over.  There were a lot of really fun features like a climbing wall and wobbling stepping stones.  And then I saw them.  Five, count them, five different apparatuses that spun in circles.  And they could spin fast. The kids were delighted and ran straight for them.  But the instant I saw them I had a sinking feeling.  Why on earth would you put spinning toys on a playground, especially where kids go to play right after they have lunch?  I had a pretty good guess as to what was going to happen.  300 kids running out for recess and one after another jumping on the spinners and within minutes the school would have a playground-load of motion sick kids.  I wasn't wrong.  I heard that on the first day of back to school there were plenty of kids moaning in the office.  It's not a choice I would have made.

However, now that a few weeks have gone by I think the kids have mostly learned a little about the concept of moderation and I hear that the nausea-rate is decreasing.

The weather has been so fine and lovely that we've had a few evenings when we couldn't resist a park outing and some of the pictures Troy has come up with are real keepers.  Luckily we have so far avoided any serious case of the queasies.

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