The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Teeth: Lost, not yet Found

Skippidy has been spitting out teeth at a fairly steady rate these past couple of months.  It's been impressive.  So far she's lost four and has not yet shown any sign of growing replacements, so at the moment she's just got a gaping hole in her mouth.  It's perfectly suited for slipping in a straw.  Her lisp has become rather pronounced.  In fact, her speech has been affected enough that she kind of seems like a different kid to me.  She's taller, her hair is longer, she's missing teeth, she's a little thinner.... Skippidy seems to not be my baby anymore.  That doesn't mean I'm never allowed to rock her to sleep. At least, it'd better not mean that, because sometimes I still do.

Funny side note - Skippidy lost this most recent tooth on Sunday afternoon, with much exclaiming, a few tears and actually quite a lot of blood, resulting from her attempt to extract the tooth via apple-biting. It was a big deal.  That night we got her all tucked into bed with her tooth carefully hidden under her pillow.  I then moved on to work on her big sister.  Bitty finally got all tucked in as well, which always seems to take extra time.  Finally I headed off to the kitchen to start on the dishes.  I heard a big sneeze come from the girls' room, and shortly after Bitty came tiptoeing out.  Little did I know, she had a loose tooth too, and her big sneeze was enough to knock the tooth clean out of her mouth.  She handed me my second bloody tooth of the day, much to my astonishment.  Good thing the tooth fairy keeps an extra stock of golden dollars on hand for just such a situation.  It was tooth-losing day, I guess.  I didn't take a photo.  I was too tired!  Sorry, Bitty!

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