The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Force Awakens

I know I know, my last post has a glaring absence.  How could I blog about all the joy and festivity of the season without even mentioning Star Wars?  Well, I guess I was just deciding that the new Star Wars movie and our viewing of said masterpiece deserved its own entry.

So here it is.  An entry totally dedicated to Star Wars.  And.....let's see.  What do I actually say?

We watched it!! We loved it!

Okay, there's actually more to it than that.  We have been highly anticipating this movie for many many months.  We were among the folks who literally teared up just watching the previews, especially when You-Know-Who Solo said to You-Know-Who-Bacca...."Chewie....we're home."  We followed the news reports, we tracked every announcement.  We begged our friends the Moores to include us in their gang when they bought a pack of 40 tickets to opening day.  And we happily took part in our neighborhood's movie marathon the night before opening day as we gathered at our church, set up a screen, made popcorn and watched all three original films. Well, Cap was there for the whole night.  I slipped out for a quick concert at the Conference Center which I totally LOVED but I returned.  Troy was there with the girls for about a movie and a half and then graciously offered to take the girls home to bed so I could go to the concert.

And then Friday December 18th actually came.  It came!  Back when rumors started flying about en episode VII we felt like eternity itself was stretching out before us before it would eventually open.  But as time always seems to do, it passed, and there we were, sitting our seats, popping pop corn into our mouths and just....just....enjoying every moment.  What a great movie.  What a great night.  My expectations and even my hopes were met and exceeded.

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