The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Sassy Gal

Turns out we're going to be keeping a record of our family's haircut history here.  And you can hardly blame us - get ready for one darling hair cut coming up. Bitt has had the goal for months now to re-grow her hair down to her waist in order to have many inches to donate to Locks of Love. However, when her little sister got such a cute hair-chop and frankly got plenty of compliments and attention....Bitty thought to reconsider her time line.  And she knew exactly what she wanted.  She kept trying to describe to me what cut she wanted.  "Pretty short, mom." "What, like to your shoulders?" "No, mom, shorter.  Shorter. No, like REALLY short."  And short she went.  It looks so cute and I will tell you, I do not miss making my daughter cry every time it's time to brush her hair. Once again, MANY kudos go to my dear friend Jeannie who is a fantastic hairstylist.

Oh yeah, and Cap got a slick trim too.  Not quite as dramatic, but still an awfully good looker.

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