The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Brighton's 95th Reunion

This summer marked the 95th anniversary of the beginning of Brighton LDS Girls Camp.  There was a big celebration and reunion weekend that I was excited to take part in. I ended up only going up for one evening, one night and all day Saturday instead of staying through Sunday. I was so glad I went.

It was a little odd because I worked there three different years - 1990, 1991 and then all these years later in 1997. It was two totally different generations of staff members.  1990 and 1991 kind of run together a little bit with lots of overlapping people but then 1997 was pretty much totally new.  I felt a little torn between my two gangs over the weekend, especially because in 1997 I was the director and so I was really close to the whole staff. At least I think I was....awkward....  Anyway, I did feel like I was sort of bopping back and forth between two different groups.  Plus, I have some really dear friends who were there just before me and a few more who were there just a few years after me. I was a pinball!



1997 - Our Courageous Totem!

There is seriously something so special about that camp. Just being there makes me feel happy and nostalgic and very connected to all the other folks who ever worked there. I was able to share a thought at one of the flag ceremonies about my mom, and how even when she isn't able to say my name and I'm pretty sure she doesn't know who I am, I can start singing camp songs and she still knows every word and will sing along with me. It was very tender, and it become clear that Alzheimer's has touched a lot of people. I was able to have a lovely long conversation with two women who were twins in their 50's and had just lost their mom to the same disease. Lots of connections.

I did get a chance to spend some time (as in a little sleepover sneaking into the attic of the barn) with two of my favorite people, neither of whom I worked with at camp, but both of whom I admire to the point of adoration and a little bit of hero-worship. They both graduated from high school with my husband and I look forward to every chance I get to see them. We stayed up late whispering and then crazily got up really really early for a hike. Took its toll on me but we had a lovely time and I felt honored to get to spend time with them.

It was a treat of a weekend, and I dearly love all of my Brighton sisters of all the years.  If you find me breaking into camp songs more often than usual, which is already rather a lot I confess, you'll know why. In fact, just a few days later the kids and I needed an outing so we headed back up to camp to walk around and play in the river, and it just so happened that there are missionaries who live there full time. They let us in to the craft shack where I severely graffitied the door. And apparently I only like one shirt. The striped one.

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