The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Thursday, July 27, 2017

10 Whole Years

Our Matthew's birthday celebration was extra special this year because believe it or not this marked the 10th anniversary of his birth. We clearly have long-established traditions that our whole family loves, and this year was no different. I do wish I could put regular life on total hold every May the 5th, but of course that is never possible. I had PTA meeting that day and many other commitments, but we were still of course in Do Not Disturb mode starting at about dinner time. The busy day made it extra hard for me to be able to make a cake this year. I was happy to let that go, and it actually ended up being kind of fun. After I went and picked up dinner (from where else - Panda Express, my children's most favorite restaurant ever) and picked up our balloons, we all went to Gourmandise Bakery. Each of us selected a ridiculous pastry of our choice and we ended up with a cake box full of about 4,000 calories. That was good fun.  Our park was again magically deserted on the warm spring evening and all went well with our dinner, our notes and our send off of balloons. 

I'm not sure what else to say on this blog post because after 10 years I think I have said it all. Suffice it to say that May 5th remains an absolutely sacred day in our family, a day that we feel an extra bond of love and unity among ourselves. Matthew, you are one of us.

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Kate said...

❤️❤️ love your words as always. I approaching Elsa's 8th and decided to look at some old blogs. I'm glad I saw your post. I love your words, as always. ❤️