The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Monday, November 27, 2006

I guess it's Christmas Time

Last night good old Mark Eubank (who gives his final weather report this Wednesday night!) wore his white coat. He said that we could expect some snow right around 6:00 p.m. today. I guess I didn't believe him, because at about 5:55 I took Alex out for a walk. After a day of RAP tantrums (she is turning out to be quite talented in this area) I needed some air. So we walk out the door, and I'll just say that when Mr. Eubank said six o'clock, he MEANT six o'clock. The clock struck six, my foot hit the pavement, and suddenly I could no longer see. I was being pelleted to death. This of course only lasted a few minutes before it settled down to some steady snow - it was beautiful to walk through the evening air and watch the snow drifting down in the light of the street posts - an image that gets me in the Christmas mood more than almost anything.

I'm glad it is snowing a little - Christmas can be so overwhelming for me to pull off every year, I get a little bummed out. But last week when I did some shopping for the kids and picked out stuff I know they're just going to LOVE I started getting excited. Kids make the season so fun. At church on Sunday, CTP was sitting with friends for a few minutes while I played the piano in sacrament meeting (Troy had taken a very sleepy RAP home). The dad showed him a picture of Santa. CTP said, in a very matter-of-fact manner, "Oh. That man is going to bring me dinosaurs." I guess he's got Christmas down-pat.

We had a nice Thanksgiving, hosted by my bro-in-law Van Lewis. Just the Romney family there, minus Adam and Peter and their wives and child. CTP was pretty excited about eating turkey meat. That boy is into carnage. I don't actually teach him - I think studying dinosaurs as extensively as he does helps him feel comfortable with the whole food chain/circle of life kind of stuff. Van brought the turkey out and as he carved it, he gave CTP an entire drumstick, which he diligently gnawed on for the entire meal, repeatedly asking who had killed the turkey, or if a scorpion had killed it. I belive he also wanted to know where all the blood was. He also demanded silence while regailing us with a tale of how he lifted a rock and found a billion scorpions and killed them all by stepping on them. Carnage.


ghd3 said...

Nice work. Nothing better than snow in SLC (in November). Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving -- I enjoyed the meat-eating stories. Perhaps young Chase is part dinosaur? :)

We've had a snow day here in Seattle today -- no school, work's closed (working from home), and the roads are slick and icy. High of 32 degrees and some slick streets. It's been a fun day to be home keeping warm together.

Thanks for the update!

napalmbrain said...

I love that kid. I didn't know you blogged! I'll immediately add you to my list of links.

Anonymous said...

rachel, i've deleted your name from my post. and my name, actually, from my whole blog. i wouldn't have written it out to begin with, but i've always liked the sound of it. everybody has said or done something snippy to someone or other else at some point in their life. if i remember correctly i once broke an egg on some girl i didn't like's head just to be mean. ugh. anyway, i like that story in my blog because of the high drama sixth grade felt like, and becuase it's proof of my veritable fashion myopia...not because it shames you!

your blog is sweet. i loved reading about the snowstorm. we're heading out there this week and now i'm excited.