The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


We're back to spring weather in SLC, after a short burst of early heat. Glad to enjoy May while it lasts. I'm sorry to say I always dread the summer for its heat. I'm going to try to focus on enjoying the sun, the perfect evenings and not get too grumpy about the heat.

RAP helped me do some yard work today. I couldn't help but post a shot of my lovely girl.

I'm so excited because my garden is thriving this year. I absolutely love shade plants: columbine, bleeding hearts, hostas, ferns... I started putting plants in this spot in front of our house several years ago, and they're all really gorgeous this year. For the past couple of years we've had work going on, like replacing our roof last year and replacing the windows the year before that just flattened my shade garden. But this year it has room to really grow. Plus, since Troy stripped the paint off the house and cut down our ugly (and dead) trees in front, it looks great. Okay, the porch is in need of some serious attention, but that is a project for another year. Probably another decade. I was worried that cutting down the trees would let too much sunlight on the garden and kill the plants, but so far so good. We still have a maple in front that protects it from the harsh afternoon sun. This is probably not information anyone was interested in, but there you go. It is what made me happy today!

And now I hear Troy coming in the front door with a raspberry concrete from Nielsen's frozen custard for me....nothing is better than that!

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Carrie said...

so pretty! Are those comlumbine? I need to get some shade plants. Next time I am downtown I will mosey on over to see your pretty garden and to see You!