The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Monday, September 22, 2008

Family Reunited

My parents have managed to do the impossible: gather the entire family together in one place at one time. It seems as if the time for family reunions among my parent's cousins and siblings is waning and it is now time for my siblings to try for an annual gathering. Not that I don't love seeing my cousins - it's just that even seeing my own siblings is getting pretty hard. We had a lovely weekend in Park City all together. We gathered at a condo in the former Park West (oh, many a good concert was seen there, I'll tell ya...) now called The Canyons. It was a cool and rainy couple of days but we really enjoyed the place. Pool, ping pong, cute grandkids everywhere, cousins romping around and actually getting along, watching my newest niece toddling around, watching my oldest nieces being very grown up, having family show-and-tell, eating lots of good food...what more could you want? Thanks, Mom and Dad. I really do love my family.


Misty said...

I'm impressed your kids slept. The only downside to sleeping away is that none of us tends to get any actual sleep. I'm glad it was cousin heaven, though. :)

Lainey said...

Sounds fun! I love it when they get old enough to actually play with their cousins and not just steal toys and shout "mine!"

Jardinefamily said...

Its the best when your siblings children remember each other and start to form relationships with each other. Its always craziness with cousins, but so fun to see them together. What a fun place to hang out.

ghd3 said...

great Romney family picture. Sounds like a great time.