The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Friday, September 12, 2008


Life seems to be zipping by in high speed these days, as it is for all of us, I know. I had to pause for a moment to, for one thing, relieve my conscience and actually blog something, as well as document a couple of things. Everyday, almost, I sit at the kitchen table and do a little homework with Stomper. He actually loves doing homework. I know, kindergarten assignments generally aren't too strenuous, but I'm encouraged by the fact that this is a nice time for us together. Bitty usually joins us as well, doing her own kind of homework by drawing and now staring to pretend to write letters. This is a drawing she did last week, and I was actually amazed by her fine motor skills, which haven't started developing in Stomper until the past several months:

Stomper's skills are coming along as well. Here are the words he's been learning to read and write in class: ("I am a" in case you can't tell:)

Also, we've been going through some boxes in the basement and found some hand-me-down soccer cleats from the neighbors that now fit Stomper perfectly. He loves them, and tries to wear them everywhere we go. The first night he put them on we had an impromptu soccer game in the backyard. Bitty felt bad that she didn't have soccer cleats as well, but we convinced her that the very cool hand-me-down corduroy keds that fit her were also of the sporting variety. She decided that they were "basket shoes" and talked for several days of joining a "basket team."


steph said...

I like the heads on the legs look in Bitty's picture.

Jardinefamily said...

It is funny how different skills develop in kids. Sam's friend in preschool brought a picture over of a t-rex. You could tell what is was and it was detailed down to the teeth. I can maybe get sam to sit down and draw for 5 minutes, 10 if the crayons are new. We got a soccer net and cones for the kids to play on. We would love to have Chase and Romney come play.