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The Preslar Family
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Buck Up! (or) Look Honey, I Did Something!

Miss Hannigan is feeling better today. (See previous post.) I'm trying to suck it up a little, and I thought it would help to mention some happy things.

Happy thing #1:

Today is laundry day, and by some miracle, this blue bucket is still sitting, empty, on top of the dryer. I'll explain. The blue bucket has been dubbed "The Oxi Clean Bucket." (You may notice the huge tote of oxi clean sitting right next to it.) The fact that I have not yet this week filled that bucket with nice warm water, a generous scoop of oxi clean, and some disgusting article of clothing that is nigh-uncleanable is a total miracle. Just think! Bitty didn't poo in her undies even once this week! (Of course, she hasn't pooed much at all, but that is depressing to think about and I'm trying to be positive here.) Also, I have not ruined any shirts of mine by splashing, spilling or drizzling something greasy on them. I'm a rather drippy eater by nature (Troy calls this quality 'endearing,' but I think he's just being nice) and now that I have a huge shelf jutting out from my midsection there's no way for any errant grease to escape landing on me. And look! No shirts in the bucket! Yay!

Happy Thing #2

I actually accomplished something! I have really wanted to get my emergency preparedness supplies going before our babe gets here. It's so overwhelming to think about not only a 72 hour kit but getting a 3 month supply of rotate-able items. I'm not ready to think about the year's supply yet. Anyway, I finally got the bare minimum of a 72 hour kit put together. And then I thought about how I could make a three month supply of food work for us. I decided to make a list of foods that we use regularly. It's not a list of absolutely everything we would use in three months, just a list of things that we always do use and that, if worse came to worse, we could survive on for a few months. I then went and bought a whole bunch of those things. The plan now is that I keep that list on the fridge, and every time I use something from the supply, I mark it off so the next time I go shopping I can replace the item in storage. It's actually working really well, and I'm super satisfied that I actually accomplished something. Most days lately I just look at my to-do list and decide I'd rather go sit down instead.

Happy Thing #3

Stomper had a couple of play dates last week - during our freezing cold, wet and rainy spring break. (It's going to be 80 today...) One day he and his buddy went in the back yard armed with nothing more than a roll of masking tape. Their goal was to make a fort. I think they did a pretty good job. I am just filled with warm happiness when I see my kids inventing things in the back yard, despite the often increased requirement for the use of the oxi clean bucket.

Happy Thing #4

Bitty's love of bike-riding has resurfaced after the long cold winter. Every day she straps on her helmet with only minor assistance and heads out to the back porch for a spin on her little bike. She prefers you to be out there with her, being her spectator. This duty is comprised mainly of applauding for her and shouting, "hooray!" every time she passes you. It does get a little tedious, but her super happy grin is worth it.

Okay! See? I'm not totally bitter about everything! This is good! (Of course, it isn't even noon yet, but let's show a little optimism, shall we?)


Brent & Kate Jefferies said...

Nice job on the food stores! That's a great idea to have a checklist...we're working on those kinds of things over here too.

Keersten said...

Way to go on the spillage/accidents. I really wish we were in the same boat. Hehe, also congrats on the food storage. It is such a relief to have that put together!

Kath said...

That food storage list is brilliant! I've been trying to think of a way to replenish and this looks like it would be simple and actually work for me!

ghd3 said...

Love the OxiClean bucket. We have something very similar -- they go in the utility sink next to the washing machine, which is usually just filled with water + Oxy Clean. :)

Glad Bitty is on the bike (and enjoying it!).

Bella said...

i'm so impressed with the food storage! AND especially impressed with the no-spillage! way to go!

Melissa said...

It's the little triumphs that make it all liveable. Good job on the food storage.

steph said...

I keep thinking we need more food storage as we are living away from family in this earthquake-prone area of the world.... I will have to ponder on this more...

Nicole said...

So great to feel like you are getting somewhere with food storage, 72 hour kits etc. Maybe it's the nesting thing but I have been cleaning and preparing things that I usually don't think about a lot too lately. You are so cute. Keep it up!

Swimmingmom said...

Ok so I commented on this last week- where's my comment? I always do that- write something and don't complete logging in or something. Anyways, I've been thinking about the bucket of oxy clean all week. I'll have to look into that stategy!