The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Tribute to my Father -or- Happy Easter

This is perhaps a little mean. My father is currently living in Belgium and I just can't help but make him twitch a bit, all the way from Salt Lake City. And to make him twitch all I need to do is give him a peek at his worst enemy: Easter grass. He hates the stuff. It is not allowed in his house. It's kind of funny. But dad, guess what. I can feel your pain. This year I was pretty surprised at how easily the stuff spread itself around the house and managed to avoid my vacuuming attempts. It took many days to make our house completely grass free. It just keeps coming back!

We had a nice Easter. I was able to hold off the kids on the egg-dying all the way until the Thursday before Easter. I was then faced with the annual dilemma of determining how many eggs are enough for the kids to make without me having an entire fridge full of hard boiled eggs. It's a hard number to reach. I don't think the kids would ever get enough of coloring eggs. As it was they each got a dozen (I know, I'm kind of crazy) and they had so much fun dying them the first time around that they pretty much re-dyed all of them. Thus most of our Easter eggs ended up being an odd spotty greyish color, but that's okay. They had a great time.

Troy also took both kids to his boss's annual neighborhood egg and candy hunt. Seriously, I don't think the kids got this much candy at Halloween. I couldn't believe the caches they came home with. Fine with me - I got my bribery bowl restocked! (I've been doing a little nibbling myself...)

The big day itself was pretty mellow. Troy has church meetings early Sunday mornings, and we didn't want him to miss seeing the kids find their baskets. We devised a clever plan wherein the Easter Bunny leaves a note for the kids telling them to hurry and get ready for church and when Daddy got home (he planned to sneak away for a few minutes) he'd have a clue for them as to where to find the baskets. The plan would have worked great except that Stomper woke up at about 5:50 and wasn't to be dissuaded from getting his basket then and there. It made me fear this Christmas a little bit. So, fine, Troy helped him find his basket and all of my efforts in doing the notes was wasted. Oh well. Luckily Bitty woke up about 2 minutes before Troy came back and he helped her find her basket too. In the afternoon we enjoyed dinner with Troy's parents and playing with the kids. Nice day.

I have to say that I think it's kind of funny how into dinosaurs Troy and I have gotten. There's this one brand (Papo) that makes really cool dinosaurs. And when we found out that they had come out with a new one (the Allosaurus) of course that is what Stomper found in his basket. He's clearly shown a preferance for toys more squishy in nature, but we couldn't resist. And luckily Stomper's dinosaur passion has reignited and at least for today he's willing to lower his standards and play with a "non-squishy." Phew. (Allosaurus pictured at bottom of picture below...)


Melissa said...

Shawn long ago declared our home a confetti-free and Easter grass-free zone. And I am fine with that decision! I hate that stuff!

Michelle said...

We're a no-grass family too—so far our kids haven't sustained any obvious trauma by being deprived of it. And we've got an arrangement with the Easter bunny to come Saturday morning, which makes our Sunday so much easier!

ghd3 said...

24 EGGS??! Wow. We did 8 and I thought that was plenty. (We also hid lots of the plastic, colored eggs, so the kiddos got to hunt for many more than 8). And, as for meetings before church on Easter Sunday? Bro. Preslar needs to have a chat with the bishop about that. Our ward doesn't do leadership meetings on Easter Sunday. Glad you had a nice celebration. It's a wonderful day. I don't think we've had objectionable grass experiences, though we do use a paper Easter-basket grass instead of the plasticky stuff. I think it's better. Glad to see a dinosaur up there with the basket.

Misty said...

Oh. My. Goodness. 24 eggs.... You totally rock, Rachel. I am not near as cool a mom as you. Seriously. My kids got 12 between the 4 of them.