The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Baby Bundle is Big!

I just love photographs of babies being enthralled with their very first Christmas Tree. That just warms my heart. Well, as I type this, Miss Bundle is sitting right next to me in her Saucer of Joy. You know, the very large but very helpful "exersaucer." She's babbling away, chewing happily on anything she can grab, trying to get me to look at her and doing a bit of drooling. What a big girl. Last week she turned six months old and what I'm wondering is how come the past six months have blown by in a millisecond while my nine month pregnancy took at least a decade to get through.

I would say that Bundle's big six month accomplishment is to be the best grabber this side of the Mississippi. Heaven help you if there is anything on your person that she wants to put in her mouth, because she will come at you, mouth agape, like a ferocious toothless dive-bomber. Lately I feel like I'm getting gummed to death all day long. And it's worse if you have hair. Anywhere. Poor Troy, his arms are going bald because Bundle is methodically dehairing him one gripfull at a time. Youch! (Wow, spell checker doesn't like my creative use of the English Language here.) Here are some examples of her steely grasp:

You know, as difficult as the past couple of months have been as we've been getting a handle on her reflux and now dealing with head colds and bilateral ear infections and upset tummies due to antibiotics (I'm so not loving this) and in general getting not much sleep, I'm still just in love with this little bug. She's really starting to be a big baby now, with the dadadadada babbles and reaching her arms up for me and playing "how big's the baby?!?" I can't get enough of her. Okay, today when she refused to nap for five hours, (yes, I was counting,) I did actually get enough of her for a while. But for the most part, I feel like I could look at her round little elf-face for hours. She's a keeper, I'll tell ya!

(Check out that belly hanging over down to her knee caps! Love it!)


Melissa said...

I am with you on this one. I just love my little guy,too. I am just loving watching him explore and grow. Oh, it's fun. Why wasn't it quite this fun with the others?

ghd3 said...

great shots. Baby M is also a bit of a grabber, though his older sister has done more damage to my arm hair than he has....

Bella said...

she is so dang cute! even amidst all the no-so-fun moments...she is definitely a keeper! :)

Windybrook Spinner said...

Definitely a keeper. Tater had reflux too. Not fun at all. He seems fine now, though, thank goodness.

Adam said...

Where does the time go? I can't believe she is getting so old! I can't wait to see her! She's so cute. How's the sleeping going?