The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Two Houses, Both Alike in Dignity.

Not really. One house was definitely more dignified than the other. I'm hardly to blame for not having the gentle spirit of creativity with me as I slammed together the gingerbread house in our 4th annual house construction party with The Misty and Co. This continues to be a favorite tradition, heading up to Bountiful on a chilly Monday evening in December, eating pizza and salad and then starting the wrestling match between me and my kids as I piece together the house while they simultaneously try to eat it. Come on, guys! At least let me put it together before you start eating the stuff! And why are they so sure they want to eat it? The gingerbread is hard as a rock, probably due to the fact that it's been in a Costco warehouse since July. I know the candy is colorful, but it really is not the tastiest of treats around. And yet, it is made of sugar, so my kids are pre-programmed to do anything they can to get it in their mouths. And also, Bundle was not a happy girl hanging out with the men in the living room while the kids and moms were doing the decorating in the kitchen. So, I did not come up with the best house ever, but it was still fun. And really, as long as the thing is plastered all over with colorful candy and pasty frosting, it ends up looking great. Now, I bought two house kits this year in case I had the energy to put one together for the kids and then one for me to do in my uptight, perfectly symmetrical and color coded way. I did not. But the house kit is just sitting in my kitchen, and I can kind of imagine me doing it all by myself late one night just to satisfy my inner perfectionist. How crazy would that be? Quite, I tell you. Quite.


Lainey said...

cute houses and kids and bundle - we really do need to catch up - I didn't know she had reflux and ear infections.... Love the elf idea - I'll try to remember it until next year.

Windybrook Spinner said...

Those kits from Costco are awesome and my kids wanted to know why I didn't buy one this year. Chugs says I can go tomorrow and get one. Thanks for that.

Melissa said...

I say that just getting a house put together every year is accomplishment enough.