The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Monday, June 14, 2010

One Tradition I'm Willing to Let Go

Last year Stomper begged and begged for a mohawk and we finally decided to let him get one the week school let out.  Not one to be on the forgetful side, Stomper requested a repeat this year.  Last year his hair was pretty short and we gave him this wide thing - ugh!  It looked so trashy! Like this little flap of carpet or something. Well, this year his hair was quite long and we narrowed the 'hawk and spiked it.  He still had his face paint and oh man, I think I don't want to keep this tradition going.  It's actually a little painful to take him places.  And frankly, I think the hairdo affects his personality - he was so surly!  I was pretty happy to have Troy slick the thing off on Saturday morning, but now Stomper is very sad.  Apparently he doesn't care for being bald.  I, myself, am just glad to not feel that I need to purchase a selection of wife-beater tank tops for Stomper to match his rockin' hair 'do.


Lainey said...

I finally got a chance to catch up on blogs... and I can't believe all that has happened. I am sorry about Alex, I am not a big dog person, but I cried reading about him. I hope you survive the summer, I am feeling the same way - but my problem is that it is too hot for kids to play outside and I am running out of indoor activities fast. and Chase looks awesome, a little scary, but awesome!

Keersten said...

Ha! I'll bet he is cute no matter what. I do understand the whole embarrassed thing. You gotta love that.

Cullen said...

Mohawk + wife beater t-shirt + spider-man face paint = the most awesome way for a kid to start off summer vacation!!

Where some kids will look back on childhood and complain against their parents ("you never let me [fill in the blank] . . . ."), your kids will look back and say, "My parents *rock*! I got to play in the mud . . . get a mohawk . . . " etc.

When other kids hear about the stuff your kids did growing up, I promise you, there will be much jealousy and envy!

Bella said...

please oh please don't stop the tradition! and please oh please put him in a wife-beater for the photo next year!

Jardinefamily said...

Love it!!