The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Friday, June 04, 2010

Proud Parents of Another Preschool Graduate

She did it!  Bitty has pushed through, buckled down, stuck to her guns and completed... preschool.  Now she only has 13 years of schooling left before she can consider 4 -12 additional years.  Wow.  I just totally depressed the crap out of myself.
But on a lighter note, we were happy to celebrate with Bitty, her teachers and the rest of her classmates yesterday morning.  They had a great year and I really enjoyed her sweet teachers.  The graduation itself was a little nuts - we arrived at 10:15 and I wasn't back in my car until 12:30.  There were some songs from the kids (I was so happy that Bitty didn't implode and go fetal; she actually sang!  With a huge smile on her face!) and a little graduation presentation.  Then there was a magic show.  Then there was a celebration of summer birthdays.  Then there was food.  Troy could only stay for the beginning so I chased little Bundle around that gym for two hours - that was too long, just so you know.  But Bitty was happy and proud, and that made it worth it.

And now summer begins.  I might need a little help.  Already in the past 36 hours since the graduation ceremony I have played pretend with Bitty almost non-stop.  I don't think I can do a whole summer of that, but Bitty has assured me that I will be fine.  "Mom, you can be in the game WHILE you clean up after us!" 

I can't sign off without throwing in my favorite Bitty quote from the past few weeks.  The other day she came up to me and said, "Mom, you know I'm not just a regular Karate Space Monkey, right?"  Oh I know, darlin', I know.


jefferies said...

Congrats to Bitty...and Bundle on their milestones.
And cute chop-choppy mama!

Melissa said...

Love the new do!

Misty said...

How have I not seen your new haircut before now?? Something is wrong with our current lack of contact...