The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Monday, September 27, 2010

More Happiness, Less Time

I guess this is how it is supposed to be - more kids, less time.  That's okay.  Bitty went to almost all of Stomper's soccer games last year and begged to play too.  So we signed her up.  Stomper didn't get to play until 1st grade, but he never showed nearly as much interest as Bitty.  She's had a couple of practices and games so far and she's really done well.  I've been afraid (with good reason, thank you very much,) that she'd play a game or two and then just decide that she actually doesn't like soccer at all, or that she'd play for a few minutes and then shut down.  You know, suddenly stop running, turn around and walk away crying because she couldn't keep up or something....this is a rational fear of mine seeing as how she's the master emotional switch-flipper. Maybe I should call it the Master Emotional Switch Switcher or MESS for short. It would be an appropriate title.  Her older brother comes a close second, by the way.  Well, knock on wood, so far so good.

There isn't too much excitement in her games yet - it's mostly just a clump of kids trying to kick each others' shins (now THAT's good fun!) but she has a good time and it at least makes me feel better about Stomper's improvement over the past year.  His team still gets their cans kicked every week. Stomper's team doesn't get a whole lot of goals but their skills are coming along and they have a great group.  So now every week we have 2 nights of practice and then 2 games on Saturdays which definitely makes the day crazy, (especially when mommy forgets that she signed up for that week's snack and remembers right in the middle of the game...ahem...sorry honey), but it's only for a few weeks in the fall and spring and it gets us outside together.  What could be better?


Misty said...

I definitely feel your pain. Kids growing up = busy kids and even busier mom. I'm currently sitting outside of one child's lesson, waiting to pick them up and then head off to pick up the next kid who's finishing dance. My days are pretty calm, but we are in high gear come 3:30 when school ends. I finally catch a breath when they're all in bed. And that's why I need the occasional late movie to keep me sane. :)

Cullen said...

Romney looks super-cute in her uniform!

Windybrook Spinner said...

Awesome. Chugs has asked to play soccer, but I thought I would wait until the spring. I agree. There isn't much better than being outside as a family.

Lainey said...

Fun! Curly is starting soccer too - she wasn't thrilled about having to wear gray shirts and black shorts - pink was the first choice, but she has come to terms with it :) Bitty looks so cute in her tall socks!

Melissa said...

I am feeling guilt that my younger kids still haven't played soccer, but I can only do so much, you know? I kind of miss the days of group ball chasing that was soccer, but I sure enjoy having Saturdays free!

jefferies said...

I had both of my kids signed up last spring and it was super hard! Toby loved it and of course wanted to play again in the fall (right now)! So I'm feeling super guilty that I didn't sign him up. Especially since he keeps asking me when soccer is going to start! I will soon have to explain that we are taking a new baby break and we'll play again in the spring.
Cute little Bitty!