The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The First Annual Team Firestorm Bike Fest

What a gorgeous morning.  It was crisp and cold and clear.  We had a stormy day on Friday, and expect another again today, but for Saturday morning, it was perfect.  Saturday was the birthday of our friend Ben,who passed away in October. His family and friends decided to celebrate the day by holding an event in honor of his favorite past-time - cycling.  An absolutely huge group of people met at the mouth of Emigration Canyon this morning and rode the canyon together. (Well, I rode in a truck in order to be the photographer of the day.  I really need to get on a bike at some point so I can take part next year! Taking all the pictures was really fun, though.)  It was so incredible and quite awe-inspiring to see that number of people all gathering to honor and celebrate Ben and his family.  The energy was happy and poignant.  And powerful.  I'm sure Ben got to spend a few mintues with us there today.  He is missed. I'm so thankful to have had the chance to see the smiles on the faces of his friends and wife and adorable kids, and to see a collected group of people united in celebration of his wonderful life.  Happy Birthday, Ben.

Allison the Awesome

Allison and her Darling Kids

My Troy as he was pulling into the parking lot before the race

My long-time 'back door' neighbor Kathryn, isn't she lovely?

Kenton, Kathryn, Troy GHD3 (my old next door neighbor), My Troy and Rob H.
My Troy, at the top

GHD3, of good cheer, as always!

Two Very Tough Chicks - Melissa and Lisa - I gotta try harder to emulate these two gorgeous gals...


Melissa said...

You are too kind, but yes, you do need to ride with us next year. It was so much fun!

ghd3 said...

Great pics, Rachel. Thank you so much. And it was wonderful to see you and Troy and everyone else. Hope to see you again soon. I'm planning on you riding next year!