The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Sunday, July 31, 2011


July is finally coming to a close.  What a month it has been!  As seen through the mind of a blogger, I'll say that I can tell it's been busy because my July folder of pictures is packed and has more photos than any month in Preslar history, yet the blog has pathetically few entries.  It's been a little brutal, actually - my kids are absolutely fried.  We have had so many fun things happening and so many gatherings of dearly loved people that they've been up late, getting up either very late or very early, eating at strange times, having multiple playdates every day...I need to make them comatose for 24 straight hours to just get them to chill out.  And yet I wouldn't trade a moment. I'll write about a couple of our highlights separately, but for this post I'll mention a few things. 

This month seems to be the month of reunions, beginning with a visit from our dear friends the Gores, who moved to Arkansas just before Christmas.  Their daughter Juliet is one of Bitty's very best friends, and we continue to refer to her that way despite the separators of time and distance.  The Gores were in town for three short days and our community of friends pretty much spent those entire three days together as much as we possibly could.  BBQs at our house, Pizza at someone else's, playtimes in the afternoons, lunches, plus an emotional but therapeutic visit to Terri Lyn's grave.  We were tired but I still didn't get enough of my friend, nor did Bitty of hers.  Sadly, I was horrid at taking pictures of our gatherings, so I only have a couple of Bitty and Juliet, but at least I have those.

Another fabulous reuniting of friends happened last week as I gathered with many present and former members of the Child Life staff at Primary Children's hospital where I worked for three or four years.  It has now been a whopping 9 years since I left, which hardly seems possible.  What I love is that despite all those years I still feel very close to those people, some of whom are still working there and some who are not.  There were several dear faces that I didn't get to see, but so many others that I did, best of all being my former director Laura, whom I haven't laid eyes on since Stomper was about 10 months old.  I didn't realize how much I had missed her along with so many other wonderful nurturing women and men, and though my career at the hospital was not especially lengthy nor prestigious, it was profoundly influential in my life and growth.

Skipping ahead to this very day, we were very happy to reunite briefly with one of Troy's best friends from high school and his wife, and most importantly his new baby boy Warren.  We're so happy for the Mackays who have just begun their family after overcoming many challenges.  I only have one picture from today, but it's a keeper, and we're hoping to see them again soon before they leave for D.C. again.

I'm all bubbling over with endorphins right now.  Remind me to reread this post in about January, okay?

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