The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Monday, December 26, 2011

A Date With Bitty

Way back last July or something I had a date with Stomper. To Lagoon.  It was a really big date.  And ever since then I've been meaning to have a date with Bitty but we just haven't pulled it together.  Finally this week I managed some good one-on-one time with her, though the magnitude of our date certainly didn't compare with Lagoon.  I still owe her.  Although really, I don't thing kids care about the magnitude as much as they care about getting to spend time with their parents.  For now, that is.  I think when they're teenagers they compare price tags a little more than at the age of six.  Anyway, Bitty and I got to go out.

My sister Margaret got another gig playing cello up at Pioneer Memorial Theater, this time playing for Annie.  My Dad very generously bought us tickets to go see the show.  We didn't have time for dinner before, but Bitty and I had a great time sitting together.  I wasn't sure the show would hold her attention for the whole three hours but it totally did.  That gal loves the theater and any kind of live show.  She's sat through them since she was pretty little.  Annie has a lot of political stuff in it that goes over the head of young kids, but there was enough spectacle to keep her hooked.

I enjoyed the show too - Annie was a favorite at our house and so I pretty much knew every word and had to maintain control in order to not keep singing along with the cast.  Although, during the song Tomorrow, the entire audience couldn't keep themselves from joining in.  We all started out rather hesitantly or even unconsciously but then grew stronger and stronger as we all realized we weren't the only ones singing until everyone was just belting it out all together.

After it was over it was quite late but Bitty was happy and excited and I thought it might be nice to go get a treat together.  So we headed to Top It's - hello!  Closed for the season!  Bitty was slightly heartbroken - she's been dying to go there.  So then we tried my favorite - Dulcetti Gelato.  Also closed.  Boo hoo.  Third try's the charm - The Bakery.  Actually they were closed too but still had doors open and let us choose a few treats from the display.  Bitty's eyes were huge. Have you ever been there?  There are I think three long display cases, each absolutely packed with decadent treats and various delicacies.  She carefully picked out a couple of cookies, some cake balls decorated like ornaments and a mouse-shaped chocolate.  We sat at a table and nibbled at everything until we just had to go home and crawl into bed.

Bitty can be so charming.  She gets in her happy place and just showers cheer and joy everywhere.  Of course, the opposite can be true as well, but on good days there is no one as loving or thoughtful or kind or excited to do good than my little Bitty.  I hope I get a date with her again soon.

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Cullen said...

You always impress me with your efforts (read that as "accomplishments") to be a great parent. Well done!