The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Friday, December 09, 2011

Why Knitting is Awesome

Although this event happened during our trip to Bear Lake Troy and I decided that it deserved its own entry.

As we were driving to the Burnett cabin on Thursday afternoon I kept Stomper busy by loading up the iphone with some movies and handing it over.  He of course played Talking Tom for a few minutes until the rest of us cried for mercy, then he switched to movie watching.  He decided to take on his first-ever full screening of Raiders of the Lost Ark.  He was so excited to be watching it that despite the fact he had on head phones he kept forgetting the rest of us couldn't hear it and he'd comment on things or moan something loudly like, "Oh poor Indy!  He hates snakes!!"

He spent the rest of the weekend trying to pretend to be Indiana Jones but he had one major problem.  Can you imagine what it might have been?  What prop can no kid do without when portraying Indy?  The whip, of course.

Well.  As Troy and Steve headed out to get our tree permits, Stomper began his campaign of wheedling.  And with in a short time I found myself knitting a whip.  I was not sure how long it would take, but thanks to a technique in which you make something called an "i -chord" (no, this is not a product of Apple). I hummed right along and came up with a pretty decent whip in just an hour or so.  I was afraid Troy would return and start laughing at me for knitting a whip, but actually he declared that knitting really is awesome. Finally! I kept trying to tell him, and now he finally believes me. If you can make your kid something that makes him as happy as that whip made Stomper, you're doing something right.

Check this out.


Melissa said...

OK, that is really cool!

Windybrook Spinner said...

Very awesome! =)

Cullen said...

I may go blind from an over-exposure to pure awesome-ness! I love the whip. This definitely puts you in the Super-Mom category!

jefferies said...

That's just incredibly cool! I REALLY need to learn to knit better. Why can't you be my neighbor? :(