The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Blogorama Chapter 2: Valentines Day

It is almost to the point where I can no longer blog funny and endearing little stories about my kids because they can now read and will be mad at me if they find out that I've been talking about them and telling all of their most appalling secrets. But I just can't resist sharing this one thing.

For Valentines Day the kids and I had a lot of fun making these white chocolate suckers - it was the easiest thing in the world.  I have little molds and you just melt the chocolate in the microwave, pour it in the molds and stick a sucker stick in there and let them cool off.  I'm only describing them because I failed to get a picture of the finished product. The mold was of a smiley face.  So we made these little super hero capes out of paper, punched a hole in them, stuck the sucker through and you had a little super hero sucker.  On the cape we wrote "You're A Super Friend" and then they signed their names.  I thought they were rather cute.

As Stomper was working on his I noticed that he took some extra time on one in particular...oh my sweet little man.  He's always got a serious crush on someone.  He's been crushing on the same girl for a long time now - ever since second grade.  So he took the super hero cape that was for her and just covered it in hearts.  I wanted to die it was so cute. I even took a picture:

I was reminded of the year that my mom helped us make little homemade chocolates for all the kids in our classes (funny that that is what I was doing this year only mine took about 5 seconds each and she had us making all these individual things with different colored candy; they were incredible.... if memory serves, which it probably doesn't).  I was packaging up the chocolates for my friends and classmates when I came across the one for my heartthrob; one David W. whom I'm sure is traumatized to this day by the force of my elementary school crush.  I put a few chocolates in his bag and felt like it just wasn't enough, like it just didn't have that special something I needed to show my true love.  So I ran to the cupboard, threw it open and started looking for something really spectacular to put in there (because homemade chocolates just weren't enough).  What I found was a jar of peanuts. I grabbed a handful and threw them in the envelope with the other treats.

I'll never forget sitting in my classroom, happily tearing through the valentines during our party when I heard from across the room a shout and an exclamation, "Hey!  Someone put peanuts in my valentine!"  He didn't sound as pleased as I had hoped.

I will always wonder if little Emma noticed that her super hero sucker cape was the only one with a few extra little hearts, scrawled by the untidy hand of a third grader in love.

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