The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Blogorama Chapter 3: Guests for the Weekend

I'm not going to lie - there were more than a few eyebrows that raised when I told people that my brother and his family of four were coming to stay with us for the weekend.  After all our house is the size of a matchbox and we have only one bathroom.  But despite the obstacle of limited space, we have a great time when the Romneys come to stay.

They came over President's weekend - it was the weekend between teacher appreciation week and the book fair week, so I was pretty tired.  In fact I think I caught a cold pretty much the second they pulled up, but that didn't stop us from having a really great time together.  Their arrival was awesome - when they said they were coming in the morning I thought they'd leave at 9:00 and get here at 12:00 or something, so there was laundry every where, dishes up to the ceiling, and a lot of grocery shopping to get done. Bundle just stood by the window waiting for her cousins to come, no matter how many times I told her that they weren't coming yet. Then suddenly she starts jumping up and down and shouting, "They're here! They're here!"  What?  Oh man.  When they said morning, they meant MORNING like leave at 5am and get here in time for Peter to have a full work day with his computer.  So much for the clean house and stocked shelves.  But of all the people to catch me by surprise, no one is lower stress than Sheri.  In fact we spent the day together picking up the house, putting away laundry, going shopping and just enjoying being together.

We basically spent the weekend eating good food with various combinations of family members, watching movies, going to the zoo (Sheri's exuberance for the zoo is nothing short of infectious.  She treats it like Disneyland, and that's saying something,) going to bed early and playing dress up. Okay, that last one was just the little girls. Sheri always manages to get all four girls sporting the same hairdo at some point during our visits together and this time it was a triple pony-tail deal that had them all flipping their hair around for the day.  I just love it.

So, for all you disbelievers out there, house guests at the Preslar's are totally do-able.  Okay, there has to be some tolerance for extra bodies every where you go (Stomper spent most of the weekend playing quietly alone in the attic) but even three whole days together did not make us ready to say good bye on Monday.

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Sheri said...

A fantastic weekend. You are the best host. The funny part is that I never remember you have only one bathroom until poor Chase is trying to take a shower and all the little girls (including this one) need to use the potty! I loved that weekend. Seriously. So low key.