The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Birthday Girl

Despite the fact that we had already had a massively crazy weekend (visiting family, 50th Wedding Anniversary Party, Zoo Trips....) we just had to squish Bundle's third birthday party in there as well.  I mean partly we really wanted to have Peter and Sheri here for the party, and it did seem like more fun to throw the party on Bundle's actual birthday.  But truthfully, we just didn't have a single other day we could have Bundle's party before about July.

Also, I confess. I totally copied my friend's tea party idea.  Actually, that's not quite true: I know it is not possible for me to pull off a tea party such as my friend threw for her daughter.  But I thought it was a cute idea.  So I did a way-scaled down tea party, and even that I could not have pulled off without Peter and Sheri to help me decorate and put it all together.  Whew, so glad they were here.  Sheri even asked a couple of times..."Uh, what would you have done if we hadn't been here?"  Freaked out, that's what. So thanks!

And it turned out just fine.  Adorable, in fact.  I borrowed tea cups from a couple of friends and made cupcakes that actually turned out cute if not spectacular.  (I don't need spectacular, I just need pretty good!) Sheri got all the girls in dress ups with fancy hair.  My dear friend Myca went nuts making tutus for the little girls as a party gift and the four cousins did a LOT of twirling on the grass. They were a hit. Bundle was the perfect birthday girl and we really had a nice afternoon celebrating her wonderful three years.


bella said...

once mom ever!! those girls dancing are just so cute and the tea party is a-dor-a-ble. way to go, miss rachel!

Jordan said...

tell myca I want the tutorial in tutu making! adorable! love it!