The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Thursday, August 16, 2012

OH MAMMA I am so tired.  I am currently trying to survive the final week of summer - is anyone else realizing that the last week of summer can be as hard and full of contention as the first week?  (All the rest of the weeks tie for second.)  (And all of you who have no idea what I'm talking about please go away.) I think that the kids feel the change in the air, they feel exhausted from all of our summer adventures, they feel anxious about finding out who will be their teachers next year - it's a lot going on.  And I'm paying the price.

So I keep this little list of the things I want to blog about and at this point I think there are maybe 8 things on there.  And I....may just go to sleep and try finishing this post tomorrow. Oh fine - I'll try to at least get something down. So now the question is...which of those 8 things shall I start on?  Maybe I should make this one of those cram-it-all-in posts....Or maybe I should skip all that and just chat about why today was such a craptastic day....maybe I should stop rambling. Hard to say.

How about  I just quickly mention that today was crappy because no one went to the bathroom where they were supposed to (think tubs, pants and hiking trails) and also because...I can't think of why else.  I think the  bathroom thing was enough.  And now I'll move on to cramming it in.

First, Bitty got her ears pierced!  She is approaching her 7th birthday and it occurred to me that she might like to get that done so I brought it up with her a while ago.  At first I thought it freaked her out too much and she was definitely going to put it off for a year or more when suddenly she told me she really wanted to do it and the sooner the better because she wanted to get it over with.  As it turns out, ear piercing is different these days than back in the 80's.  I remember this gun thing that pierced your ear with a very sudden, fast and startling clack that really hurt.  Bitty asked me lots of questions and I pretty much answered them all incorrectly!  The new ear piercers are more like these slow pincher things that barely made Bitty even move, much less jump out of her skin like I did.  She just sat there very still and didn't make a peep.  She said it still hurt but that it wasn't as bad as she was expecting.  She looks pretty dang cute. And I love that she chose her birthstone studs just like I did; mine were dark green and hers are light.

And ....Stomper is getting glasses!  He's been mentioning having trouble seeing the board at school so we took him in. He's just barely near sighted enough to need glasses at all, so I'm not sure how fuzzy that board really looked to him, but since he's about the age that I was when things started getting hard to see and my eyesight went down gradually for the next 20 years, I thought we might as well get him going.  So he's going to use some glasses, mostly just at school for now.  I'm actually having a really hard time picturing him as a person who always has glasses on.  Well, by the time I got glasses I was in 7th grade and I detested them and insisted on getting contacts only a year later.  Stomper will probably only need them for a while before he's big enough for contacts, right?  He looks cute in his frames, though. I'll post a picture when we get them.

And finally...I am going to bed.  That was not much cramming but I can't see straight.  Time for sleep and maybe I'll post again someday.  :)


Sheri said...

In my family, our 7th birthday was the big ear piercing hoopla too! I kind of can't wait for Siena's to get pierced!

Cullen said...

Rachel, your posts are just *dripping* with life. I love it!