The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Monday, April 08, 2013

How to Feel Pretty While You Scrub the Floor

Here's all you have to do. Get a friend, make sure she has a sweet little daughter and make sure your friend puts her daughter into sewing classes. You'll need to wait a few months while the sweet little daughter learns some skills. Make sure to be amazed and ask to see her projects. Ooh and Aah. (Don't worry, she'll deserve every ooh and ahh you give out. The projects will be impressive.) Then after a while your friend's daughter will be looking for new things to make because she's already made so many cool things like snap-shut makeup bags and skirts for herself and her sister and holiday table runners. (By this time you'll begin thinking that taking sewing classes yourself might be a pretty good idea.) THEN, after all the effort and time you've put in, your friend's sweet little daughter might ask if you'd be interested in a hand made apron. Say yes. Then, you just may be just as lucky as I am:

I actually really like putting it on before I do the dishes, only I never use it to wipe my wet hands. I'm afraid I'll muss it. Too pretty to get dirty! Actually, it has held up well to a few washes. I find myself keeping it on long after the dishes are done. Not too many of my other clothes have ruffles. Or frills. You would never guess it was made by a 10 year old gal. Thank you, 10 year old gal. I will not divulge your name because otherwise you would soon be overwhelmed with requests for more aprons and I am sure that you are on to bigger and better things by now. Like my prom dress. Now get crackin'.

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bella said...

that girl has skills waaaaaay beyond mine! very impressive...whoever you are. :)