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The Preslar Family
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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Now That is My Kind of Soccer Game

I can not deny that at 7:30 this morning as the heavens were emptying themselves on our valley, rain pounding in gusty sheets, I was not very excited to wake up our unconscious son and tell him we had 10 minutes to get up and get out the door for his soccer game.  Turns out he wasn't that excited about it either.  But champ that he is, he put on a good face and rolled out of bed, pulled on his cleats and ran with me to the car.  We drove through what felt like torrential rain, higher and higher into the avenues, feeling worse and worse about the hour ahead to be spent getting thoroughly cold and wet.  I guess our little soccer league doesn't call games on account of some rain.  They DO, however, call games on account of lightening. This I learned just as we arrived at the field huddled under our umbrella.  As the parents began to send their reluctant kids, unrecognizable in their slick waterproof layers, out to the field, our two teenaged and freezing cold referees pointed to the sky and shouted that they had seen a crack of lightening and that the game was off.  I cannot say that I myself saw the lightening; it is completely possible that no one but our angelic refs saw it. We don't care.  We were just glad that lightening, imaginary or otherwise, was sighted and that we did not have to face that miserable hour.

You would think that it would make me grumpy to get up, get dressed in woolen layers and galoshes, dragging my sleepy kid along with me only to be turned away at the last moment but truthfully it felt like we had been pardoned. Time to celebrate.  Luckily one of the soccer moms owns a cafe just a few blocks away from our playing field so we had a spontaneous hot cocoa party during our soccer hour.  The adults sat and chatted and laughed and sipped creamy warm things (a hazelnut steamer for me) while the kids gulped cocoa and drew on the chalk board.  And only mildly annoyed the other customers.  What looked to be a seriously rough soccer morning turned into a very pleasant outing for Stomper and me.  I'd take another rainy Saturday morning a time or two before the season ends.  That's just the kind of athlete I am.

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Sheri said...

Mostly hysterical for me because we spent the afternoon sunbathing and swimming! Not a cloud in the sky!