The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Run Free, Sweet T-Rex

I was just reading over old blog posts in memory of little T-Rex, the leopard gecko Stomper received for his 5th birthday. It turns out that the first name little pre-school aged Stomper wanted to give his new birthday lizard was "Polka-Dotty-Dot." I was glad I found that funny little detail to share last night - it made us all laugh even through tears.

Baby T-Rex in October 2007
Big T-Rex in October 2012

T-Rex had been going down-hill for a while, not eating and losing eye-sight. We did what we could for him, trying to hand-feed and hand-water him but it was too little too late and finally yesterday evening Stomper found him expired in the sand. Pretty sad. Many tears from our sweet boy. And also an instant request for a new lizard. Or a snake. I am going to try to hold him off a new pet for a few weeks.

For a lizard that you have had for almost six years you need to do more than just toss it or dig a little hole. We found a nice box for T-Rex to rest in. Stomper carefully made a bed of sand inside and wrote dates on the cover. Each child wrote a note to T-Rex. Stomper wouldn't let me read his; he is such a private guy! Bitty of course wanted me to read hers and take a picture, but Stomper left his just between him and T-Rex. I think that is so cute but it also makes me want to go dig it up and read it. Don't worry, I won't. That's just a hair too far past the line of WEIRD and SLIGHTLY OBSESSED for me to actually do. So I will just think about it instead.

We gathered around our hole, dug partly by Stomper, we placed T-Rex inside, said our good byes, and let Stomper bury him. (Or her. We were never sure.) Stomper wouldn't let me sing Shadows Creep, like we did with our puppy dog Alex, but he did allow us to take him out for frozen custard. Which we all enjoyed very much.

T-Rex, thanks for being a sweet little lizard. Run free and say hi to Alex for us. May there be many crickets in heaven. Wait, I take that back.  May there be many...yummy things for you in heaven.  That aren't creepy.

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