The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Tribute to Bundle

What a kill this little gal is.  She is certainly providing me with plenty of good company, entertainment, a LOT of questions and most notably; requests to play pretend.  I am becoming quite adept at pretending to find "a purple and rainbow kitty with silver spots that you name Rainbow Dot and I'm two but you don't know me yet so you have to ask your mom if you can have me and how old are you and what is your name in the game?"  I have also increased my skill at finding ways to avoid this game from time to time since the game in its entirety lasts about 90 seconds and as soon as it is over she wants to repeat it.  All. Day. Long.

Bundle had a great year in preschool this year.  To be perfectly honest, I wasn't too sure about how much she was going to learn - it was just two days a week for a couple of hours but she totally loved it and she is now quite focused on reading skills, sounding out words and writing her letters.  I have been very happy.  On her last day her class put on a charming little program with lots of songs and poems and then a little graduation ceremony in which the kids walked over a little bridge to receive a diploma, candy lei and have their name announced.  As each child did so, a small biography was read sharing some fun details about the child.  Bundle's biography included the fact that when she grows up she would like to be a Bird Dentist.  That got a lot of laughs, almost as many as the kids who wanted to grow up to be a baby, a hand, and someone who would like to look at the insides of coconuts.  Hilarious.

Miss Celeste

Also big on Bundle's list of favorites is dancing.  She finished up another session of dancing with Miss Kim and she is very enthusiastic about dancing in all sorts of interesting times and places.  The big kids have a group cello class once a month at a little church building and Bundle always has to be dragged along for the ride.  Her favorite way to entertain herself is to bring me outside on the front steps and ask me to record her doing dances.  

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