The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
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Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Gracious school seemed to start early this year.  I even know a few people who started two days before we did!  We started on Wednesday, August 21st, a day which happened to also be my daughter's eighth birthday.  Oh yeah, and she wanted her party on the same day as her birthday.  Oh yeah, and it was also the PTA welcome breakfast for school which started five minutes after the bell rang which happened after our family birthday breakfast, all of which happened before I went nuts putting together a birthday party plus dinner for more family.....

....but I digress.  It was a crazy busy day, and yet it all worked out.  I was pretty worn out by the end of it but I would do it again for my gal!

Let's cover school first.

I will begin by noting that I adore our school, and I am thrilled about the teachers the kids got this year.

Here they are getting their first-day-of-school measurements:

Bundle especially seems to be shooting up at a crazy rate - she grew like 2 inches or something in six months.

After The Measuring we enjoyed....don't judge me.....BACON PANCAKES.

Soooo good.  I think we learned about them from a cartoon - Adventure Quest?  Stomper kept asking if we could please have some "BaconBacon Pancakes" and Troy kept asking if I could please make them on a day when he would be home.  First-Day-of-School-Birthday-Breakfast seemed like just enough of a party to try these babies out.

Probably not an everyday-breakfast item.  But if you're the kind of person who likes a little syrup to get tangled with your bacon before you gobble it, you would like these.

Okay, time to move on from the bacon pancakes.

As I was cooking, Bitty opened a couple of small gifts, and her siblings each found a small token at their places as well:

After our scrumptious breakfast it was time to get off to school and take a few more pictures in the process:

What a gorgeous new 3rd Grader

My Handsome 5th Grader - eek, that sounds old!

Here's to a wonderful school year.  Now that it's been a week I can say that the transition has been a little rough, (WHAT?  HOMEWORK? GETTING UP ON TIME? NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!) but then again, they have a rough time getting used to summer! So hopefully they'll get into the swing of things within the next six to eight months.  Then summer will start and the adjustment can start all over again.

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Linda Whitaker said...

You are awesome! Bacon pancakes...yum!