The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Go Ahead and Kill Me Now

My husband and I are in a state of shock this morning.  We have just sent the children out the door to school and we are wondering what the heck happened.

Let me explain.

Most school day mornings resemble not so much a happy family as a PBS Nature special involving the struggle for survival in a barren wilderness.  Think lions vs wildebeests. Two old, tired wildebeests.

But this morning as Troy and I lay snoozing through our alarms in our warm comfy bed, dreading the impending doom of another school day morning, we heard the strange sounds of a happy child below.  It was our son who was industriously making his bed and....setting the table for breakfast.  I stumbled blearily into the kitchen where he greeted me with a cheerful hug before announcing that he was going to practice his cello. Then...get this...he went and practiced. And he practiced well.

Troy then entered the kitchen where our eyes met with confusion and some strange glint of hope.  As I made waffles, our son then began his daily reading.

What the.... what???

Okay, that's all well and good but our middle child was still in bed and that still left plenty of opportunity for carnage.  But it didn't happen.  After a little tickling and some happy giggles from her, not her normal morning sound, she got up, got dressed, ate breakfast and asked if she could please please please check off some things on her daily list before she left for school.

This was happening as Stomper was trying to squeeze in some homework so he wouldn't have too much later.

I....I....don't know what to say.  Could you kill me now, please?  I feel, what's the word....oh yeah.  Happy.  And successful.  And like I might not have to throw in the parenting towel.  And somehow I don't think it will be emotionally healthy for me to hope for this again tomorrow.  So yeah, kill me now so I can die happy.


Sheri said...

Considering our conversation last night via text this is HILARIOUS.....

bella said...

i kept thinking you were going to say it was a dream and you woke up!! holy happy day! the good child fairy came to your house! to get that same fairy to return...hmmmmm.