The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Friday, October 04, 2013


Two of my three babies have made really big steps this month. What, it's OCTOBER?  Oh okay - I mean LAST month.

They were really big.  Huge.  So BIG, in fact....that I totally was too overwhelmed to blog about them for a few weeks.

Actually I'm just tired!  Getting into the swing of school has taken us a full month at least, but I think we're there now.  It's just been in the past week or so that my kids haven't gone into fits of hysterics when I ask them to please come do a little homework.  Let's just say that they've had some separation issues with summer.  But finally we're settling into things and a half hour of homework isn't so bad any more.

Okay, so our big events:

Number One:

Bitty Got Baptized!  

We had a wonderful day.  Peter and Sheri came up from St. George and Troy's family came in from all around.  The service was at 11:00 in the morning - so happy that it wasn't at 9:00!  Phew!  And it was such a happy thing because the other gal from our stake getting baptized the same day happened to be one of Bitty's dear little girl friends so it was fun for them (and for us) to be together.

I have to tell you my favorite story from that week - it's not a big deal but it was fun for me.  Bitty, just a day or two before her baptism, let me know that she was really hoping for a new dress, one that was all white.  I thought that sounded like a nice idea - but wasn't too keen on spending a lot of time hunting for one in a big hurry while I was already zooming around getting ready for arriving cousins and feeding a large group of people after the baptism.  I had a little thought to just stop in to Kid to Kid since I happened to be right there.  It was so amazing.  A really lovely white dress was hanging up, kind of poking out of the rack a little like it wanted me to see it hanging there.  It was the perfect size, perfect style, and it was seriously the only white dress in the whole store.  Thanks universe.  I needed that.

Anyway, we had a great day and I was so proud of my gal.  She has such a strong spirit and was just glowing away all day long.  

Number Two:

Stomper earned his Webelos Badge and Arrow of Light!

I would feel ashamed if I didn't announce publicly that I pretty much had zero to do with this accomplishment.  Oh okay, I drove him to scouts.  Yay me!  Beyond that though I was just useless.  Stomper has awesome scout leaders that got him through everything and I owe them everything!  Zach and Kylie, you rock.

I tried really hard to make some Arrow of Light Cupcakes...most people looked at my arrangement and just wondered if I had been drinking while setting out the cupcakes.  Pinterest Fail!

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Cullen said...

Congrats to both your kids!

Really, really wish we could have been there for Bitty's baptism. Thanks for posting great photos.