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The Preslar Family
December 2017

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Why I Love YouTube

Before I expound on the virtues of YouTube, I just have to share one little thing. Today is Thursday. My dear hubby Troy has been on a business trip since Sunday night. I made a big list that evening of everything I wanted to accomplish while he was gone. Checking things off my to-do list is one of the ways I get really really happy, so I thought it would help me get through the week. One of these things was to complete a blog entry each day. I, like always, have a long list of blog entries to get to eventually and I thought my quiet evenings would be a great time to start my best blogging month ever. And I have one thing to say about how that went:

BWA HA HA HA HA HA What was I on when I thought I would write MORE rather than LESS when Troy was gone?

Yeah, not a lot of blogging going on here. Oh well, one is better than nothing, right?

Oh yeah, one more little thing. Remember how I decided I wanted to make my blog private? I never got around to doing it and now I've changed my mind. Thanks everyone who let me know they cared about the blog enough to be on my list. I just had a bad little experience with a naughty website that I thought was connecting to my blog and was then accessible by any visitors to my blog. This, I don't think, is true, but if you see anything fishy please let me know. Sometimes the internet is the best and sometimes it really sucks. But since writing this blog has actually helped me connect with some old friends and reach new people too I didn't want to make it inaccessible after all.

It's late at night and I think I might be rambling. What was the title of this entry again? Oh yeah, YouTube!

And now I'm realizing that this is probably just more stuff that no one will care about but me. Oh well!

So back in high school, back in the day when the national pastime of teenagers was to make mix-tapes, I got just such a tape from my sister's boyfriend. (Now THERE'S a story for another day.....) (And in case you are freaking out about that, it remains true that my sister and I have never kissed the same person so no worries there.) ANYWAY. I got this great mix tape. And it had these two songs on it by Colin Hay, the lead singer of Men At Work. One was called "Hold Me" and the other was called "Can I Hold You?" (Apparently the man really needed a hug.) I loved these two songs dearly. But sadly, my little mix-tape went the way of all mix tapes. It probably got all its ribbon pulled out by a dirty tape player or a curious little brother, or maybe my tape player broke and I never got a new one because I had so many CDs already. (SO 90's.)

I missed those songs though! And I never forgot about them. Every few years I have looked around a little in CD stores or online and have never found them. Even when the miracle of iTunes came along - finally, I could just buy one song instead of a whole album I wasn't sure I'd like! - I couldn't find these two songs. Anywhere. Probably someone could tell me in 2 seconds where to find them but with my limited abilities I have gotten nowhere.

Then the other night I had a little idea. Look on YouTube! And although I can't exactly take songs off of YouTube and put them on my playlist, I can listen to them. And as I listen, watch their slightly odd (even for the 80's) videos.

Thanks, YouTube. Here are the links - having trouble posting the actual videos. Maybe I can fix that later but if I don't post this now I will totally fail in my effort to cross "Blog ANYTHING!" off my to-do list.

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Linda R said...

I totally agree! Nothing like You Tube to find those long and not quite forgotten songs.