The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dancers and Poets

Recently Troy and I have been attending a poetry group.  It got started unexpectedly - we were enjoying some dinner with a couple of close friends and after the meal, as we sat on their living room floor chatting about our favorite music, I kept glancing at their bookshelf.  I always love to look at a person's bookshelf - the books we keep near us say a lot about us, I believe.  It's fascinating to see what people have on their shelves.  Our friends had several books of poetry on the shelf and finally I pulled one out.  Or maybe it was Troy, I don't remember.  Anyway, poetry came up in conversation and as we talked about a certain poet we all love I suddenly got the idea that we should have a poetry night - just get together and read our favorite poetry or things we've written.  Luckily my idea was well received and not totally laughed at. We invited a couple of other families that we thought might enjoy an evening of reading poetry aloud.  Does it sound pretentious?  If it does, I don't care - it was so much fun.  The different poetry styles that everyone brought to the table were fascinating and it was just a lovely evening.  So lovely, in fact, that we have done it twice more since and have another on the calendar.  I hope it never gets old.

One outcome of this poetry night is that everyone has had the inkling to start writing a little of their own poetry. Even my husband, who after the first poetry night declared that he had never had the urge to write a poem in his entire life, suddenly found himself jotting down a few lines.  It is so awesome.  In fact, I thought one of his poems would fit very well as an accompaniment to some pictures of Bundle's latest dance performance.  I really want to post some pictures but have run out of anything interesting to say about Bundle dancing because she's had like 5 performances in the last 18 months.  And since Troy wrote a poem about his youngest child and her tendency to spin, I thought they'd go nicely together.

She skips just because
She twirls without thought of the furniture around her
She smiles from morning to night
She gives kisses warning or reason
And hugs with reckless abandon
Her giggles are like a virus
Every moment is a grand adventure
When Emma is your girl

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Linda R said...

You guys always do such neat things. I remember your mom telling mine that your dad had taken up painting. Love that the creative tradition continues.