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The Preslar Family
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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Girls vs. Boys. It's no Cabo, but I'll Take It

I don't think I ever mentioned here that we had a family vacation planned.  A big one.  A really big one.  (Well, for me at least.)  The entire Romney family, all 22 of us, were going to go to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  We were supposed to go this month.  Last week in fact.  We would have been home Sunday evening.  Are you picking up on all the past-tense verbs here? It's a somewhat long story how the whole vacation got instigated and planned, but a very short one on how it ended up not happening.  Two words.  Hurricane Odilla.  This lovely hurricane hit basically exactly where we were planning on staying, and we're very lucky really to have not only NOT been there while it happened (as many people were) but to be able to cancel all reservations and plans and recoup all funds spent.  Whew.

However, it was slightly depressing to have this big open UEA weekend in which we thought we were going to be basking on a sunny beach with dolphins swimming near by and sipping icy drinks by the dozens. (Did I mention it was an all-inclusive resort?)  We decided that we at least needed to go SOMEWHERE.  And where do we go when we want to go somewhere?  Especially when it's not July?  St. George of course!

We decided to mix it up a little this time.  Troy was feeling stressed about the amount of work he had plus he had been digging up big chunks of concrete out of our back yard and the lawn needed repairing and he just wasn't sure when this all was going to happen.  So we arranged to have a girls vs. boys weekend.  On Wednesday evening, the gals and I hopped into the minivan and headed to St. George.  I did get some longed for time with my brother - I feel like I haven't spend time with him forever.  And he's so awesome.  I could totally be their next door neighbor and be really happy.  Anyway, we hung out a bit and then on Friday morning Peter drove his car up to SLC to hang with Troy and Stomper doing awesome stuff like digging and sodding and eating burgers and watching lots of movies like Captain America and Transformers.  I think they had a great time.  The yard sure looks great anyway - thank you Peter for lending a hand!

The gals, on the other hand, pretty much did nothing productive.  We had such a fun weekend enjoying the St. George weather, the St. George Swig (my favorite beverage stop), the St. George sights and just hanging out together.  And also rubbing the beautiful buddha belly of Peter and Sheri's baby.  I did a lot of that.  I couldn't help myself.  We played at the park, we had dance parties on top of the water tower, we hiked in Johnson's Canyon, we ate more french fries than are generally considered healthy for a person.  Sheri and her sister threw a little cousins Halloween Party that was so cute.  Sheri and I also went to a Witches Night Out party at the local farm - this place really knows how to throw a fall-fest.  It was great.

The Buddha Baby and her awesome binki:

Getting ready to go on a Witches Night Out:

Sheri just had the kids pull out dress-ups from her box for our party:

Pin the Hat on the Witch

Bitty's less-than-effective blindfold

We posted a night sky scene in the blazing sun...looks a little weird -
doesn't David Bowie sing a song about Serious Moonlight?

A Beautiful Morning Walk Through Johnson's Canyon:

Seriously - could she BE any cuter?


Best Hippity-Hop Ever.

A Dance Party Atop the Water Tower:

The belly.....

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Linda R said...

Great pictures! I hope you do get a chance to all go to Mexico. We did it twice at an all inclusive place. The first year we had to postpone due to a hurricane too!