The Preslar Family

The Preslar Family
December 2017

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Poor Little Pumpkin

It's October and in my life that means I feel rather like a ship at sea being sunk slowly by the growing weights of multiple PTA events, Halloween and my son's impending birthday. It's just so much. October gets me every year. Which is a little sad because it's pretty much my favorite month - especially this year. October has been absolutely gorgeous. Oh I love it so. Except for the sinking ship part. It's okay - it will all be over in 10 days, whether I succeeded or failed at all that I'm supposed to be doing. I'm really looking forward to November. No one ask me to do anything please.

Before the entire month gets away from me I must capture a fun thing we've had going on here. It started in the late spring when we were putting in a garden. We bought some tomato plants and herbs, some flowers for the porch. We had so much fun watching things dig in their roots and grow and get big and pretty. While this was happening we noticed a single leaf come up on the side of the yard by our neighbor's fence. It looked suspiciously vegetable-y, so we decided to let it grow and see what would happen. Fast forward three months - the side of our yard looked like a jungle with one great big vine taking over 40 square feet or something like that - somehow a pumpkin seed had gotten chucked into the yard and actually sprouted. We ended up with 9 awesome pumpkins as a total surprise. But there's one little sad part of the story.

See anything wrong with this picture?

Poor little pumpkin. The vine grew through the fence and we didn't notice that it had started growing back there until it was so big we couldn't get it out. We just watched it get bigger and bigger....and now it's just stuck! Our neighbor's bushes are so dense back there that I have little hope of us ever rescuing this one lonely's making me kind of sad......

Maybe it could be the beginning of a fabulous Children's Halloween Story.... but I'm not sure how to secure a happy ending for this lonely little pumpkin!

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